7-7-16 Crooked Acres Thursday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres (ducks and chickens)

This hen is tired of your shenanigans.

As part of his daily chores, Fred sprays the ducks, because they love it so much.

Especially the girl duck.

Then they head over to the pool. (Yes, they have a great big pond to paddle around in, and they ALSO get a freshly-filled pool. Because SPOILED.)

Girl duck jumps in first and does some bathing.

Boy duck thinks about it for a moment.

And in he goes.

She preens and he flaps.

While the rooster looks on disapprovingly.

These hens ADORE their dust baths. I should take a picture of all the dust-bathing holes they’ve made.

We have a couple of bird baths on the ground closer to the house, and not only do the birds love it, so does this little toad. He’s almost always there, hanging out and keeping damp.

There’ll be more Crooked Acres pictures next week!


I’ve got a few last pictures of Webster and Felix to share today and tomorrow. Cindy reports that they are doing great, and they wasted no time in gettin’ snuggly and making themselves at home!

A blurry “Hallo, innernets!”

Last nap time with the boys.

Felix, needing a kiss.

“Hi, innernets! Just gettin’ a snuggle!”

Air-kneading. That boy is something else. They both are!

“Um. A…. big wind! Came along! And tossed me up here!”

“Now how do I get down?!” (Fred gave him a helping hand.)

Felix playing with Uncle Stefan.


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7-7-16 Crooked Acres Thursday — 17 Comments

  1. I love the duck pics!!! Yes, like everyone else around Crooked Acres they are spoiled. Why else have them?!

  2. I love that your ducks have a swimming pool!
    Felix’s new mom is gonna have her hands full.

    So, when you move, do you have a home lined up for your ducks/chickens? Will you take a couple of chickens? From my understanding, you can have a couple of chickens in a standard neighborhood, just not roosters. Will you miss the ducks? Chickens? Fresh eggs?

    • We’ll rehome some of the chickens (Brittany told me that they’re interested in the Silkie and the polish hens), and some of them will go to freezer camp. We don’t have a home for the ducks yet, but are hoping that the people who buy the house will want them. If not, we’ll find a home for them.

      We’re not planning to take chickens with us, but that could change! We’ll miss the ducks/chickens/fresh eggs, but it’ll be a trade off – Fred and I have literally not gone on vacation together since we bought this house because he’d be too worried to enjoy himself. It’ll be nice to be able to vacation again!

  3. Is there only one set of ducks now? Has one pair gone off to that big paddlin’ pool in the sky, or were they just out of camera range?

    • Yeah, there’s just one set. The boy duck disappeared first, a few months after Gracie died. We’re not positive, but suspect a passing predator got him. Then the girl duck disappeared last month.

  4. Webster’s face is so precious! And Felix! He’s going to give his momma a heart attack some day!

    Question, my gurus of all things cat-related: Gandalf ‘s got goopy eyes and since Monday I’ve been putting some ointment on his eyes that the vet prescribed. How long does it take to start seeing some improvement? Also, he’s been sneezing at least once a day and of course it only started after we went to the vet. We’re supposed to put the ointment twice a day for four days and on Friday, the treatment should be over. I’m still thinking about taking him to the vet Friday afternoon or Saturday morning for the vet to check his improvement and also because I’m worried it might be something else. The vet told my husband he doesn’t think it’s something to worry about because he’s up to date with his shots. Am I being too aprehensive?

    • Your kitty has an upper respiratory infection (kitty cold). He will need antibiotics (usually a 10 day course). If you have Publix supermarket in your area, if your vet writes you an Rx for liquid amoxicillin, they will fill it for free for pets. Otherwise, Clavamox is around $27.

      URI’s are contagious, so separate your kitty from any others you have. You don’t want to be treating all of them and sometimes it can keep being passed around.

      • I didn’t know that about Publix! Do you need to already be a customer of their pharmacy to get that deal? That’s good information to file away for future needs.

        • Nope! Just go into their pharmacy and hand them your Rx. Now, I can’t swear that every location does this. Definitely ask first. I know they don’t do it for Clavamox, but they do for liquid Amoxicillin which works very well.

    • You’re not being too apprehensive at all – I would definitely get him back to the vet and see what the vet says. I would think that if the ointment were going to help, it would have helped by now (you usually see improvement in a day or two), so it sounds like there’s something else going on.

  5. I hope that we can get some pics of the boys in their new home. All smug and happy.

  6. Ok everyone. I just want ya’ll to know that there are now cat doors, cat feeder, litter box containers, etc. that now use your cat’s microchip number to allow access. NO COLLARS/TAGS! Also, keeps out unwanted critters from coming into your house or one cat eating the special dietary food of another. Here is an example of a feeder:

    Here is an example of another feeder/litterbox (keeps dogs out of the box):

    Example of a cat door: https://www.amazon.com/SureFlap-DualScan-Microchip-Cat-Door/dp/B00GAZZIMY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1467904606&sr=8-2&keywords=sureflap+microchip+cat+door

    A bit pricey, but it could be a stress-reducer!!!

  7. Fred spoils the ducks? I can’t believe that! 😉

    I’m going to miss Webster and Felix and their antics. Such cuties! And I love the pictures of Felix on top of the door!