7-8-16 Friday

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I’m heading off on vacation, leaving this afternoon. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’ve pre-written and scheduled posts that will auto-publish at the usual time, Monday through Friday. I’m sure I’ll check in from time to time, and I expect I’ll occasionally post on Instagram (which auto-publishes to Facebook and Tumblr). Mostly, I’m planning to take it easy and not scoop ANY litter boxes!


Look who it is!

That is, indeed, Webster and Felix in their forever home, all snuggled up in Cindy’s lap.

To no one’s surprise, those boys settled in almost immediately.

Their first morning at home, they snuggled up with Cindy. She wondered what she’d find when she got home, and found that the house was still in one piece!

Have you ever seen a happier little face?

Yesterday morning, Webster ran around playing with this Zanies Shaggy Duck toy. He growled at Felix, so Felix just sat back and watched.

“He’s crazy!”

At the end of “killing” the toy, Webster brought it up to show it off to Cindy, and accidentally dropped it directly into her coffee cup! Silly boy.

(Thank you, Cindy, for letting me share the pictures of those sweet boys!)


And look who else it is!

That’s Patches (formerly Art Vandelay) and Periwinkle (formerly Bert Macklin). They’ve decided that they want to be models, and I think they (especially Patches) have the attitude for it. If that’s not Blue Steel v2.0, I don’t know what is.

(Thanks, Kristin, for letting me share!)


And lastly, but certainly not leastly, we have Norbie! (Commentary from Kirsten underneath the pictures.)

Seriously, this guy loves to air things out.

Just plopped him in this position and he stayed for a photo shoot.

Best use of a yoga mat. Also, stretch those toes!

Judging my choice of milk.

Pretty paw.

(Thanks, Kirsten, for letting me share!)


And now, the last of the Webster and Felix pictures I took while they were here with us!

First, check out this picture of Felix. Does it remind you of anyone?

Does it maybe remind you of…

Uncle Dennis! Felix is totally a mini-Dennis.

Such a beautiful boy.

Also a beautiful boy, obviously.

Those boys sure do love their nap time.

And each other.



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7-8-16 Friday — 19 Comments

  1. Art and Bert are getting so big! I love seeing them grow up!
    Norbie! My heart be still! You will always be able to pick that boy out in a crowd. Beautiful and love love love his white stripe and big beautiful eyes. Hi Norbs!!!!

    • YES! I love Norbie so hard! Everything about him makes me squee with delight. His mama sure is lucky!

  2. Norbie!!! What is it about those Tuxie boys jumping up in the fridge to check things out? My Tuxie does it too!

    And Patches is certainly ready for his close-up, Mr DeMille. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Safe travels and enjoy the vacay, Robyn!!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful updates — these L&H all-stars are so clearly, and deservedly, adored! Happy litter-box-free vacation, Robyn, and best of luck to Fred on the double chores front.

  4. Thank you to the forever families for updating us on these sweet babies.

  5. Awww, loved the updates on the kitties. That Norbs has turned out to be quite the large kitty — looks so happy too. Thanks to cat moms for sharing!

    Safe travels and have a wonderful vacation!

  6. Lots of great photos, but that last one! “Hold still! How am I supposed to bite you if you keep wiggling?”

    Have a great vacation.

  7. Great photos Robyn. Thanks for sharing. Have a great vacation. I hope it involves food, drink, sleeping, sunning and lots of relaxation.

  8. Love, love updates!! and when fosters get such wonderful homes…Thanks!
    Have a wonderful break, appreciate having posts to read while you’re gone, also.

  9. I’m looking (again!) at the photos of Gilly/Mama Lucy from a year ago–she has gotten very much more “plush”, shall we say . And her two favorite toys are still that green Mylar ball and the pinkish long-tailed fuzzy thing! (And cardboard–have to hide cardboard!)
    Still the impish, sweet, loving silly Gilly!!

  10. I so love updates, dennis and Webster are so smug it’s wonderful! Love the toy drop, sharing is caring.

    And norbie! Still an armful of curves.

    And patches and periwinkle, so fun. That is definitely blue steel!

  11. Norbie!!! What a beautiful boy! And I’m thinking Felix and Webster know they’re home – tanks for sharing these new picture of them. Also – work it, Patches!