7-8-15 Wednesday

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We now have a “Favorite Pictures” page! There’s a link to it in the sidebar over to the right (I know that sidebar is a hot mess. I’m considering a redesign – or at least adding a third column). At the moment there are only two pictures on it, but if you have a favorite you’d like to see there, just say the word and I’ll add it!


In case you missed it on Facebook last night, or over there in the sidebar, this happened last night:

Yay! This leaves Roseanne, Shecky and Louis at Petsmart. I bet all the Fools will be adopted by this time next week. A girl can dream, right?


Lucy waits for me to toss a toy for her.

And checks out the ceiling fan while she’s waiting.

She’d been showing that mylar ball who the boss is, but was distracted by the sight of a cardboard box. That girl LOVES cardboard.

Scheming Mama.

This cat tree came with two toys dangling from it. They lasted for a decent amount of time, but eventually someone chewed through the sisal holding them on. I was going to hang them back up, but the sisal holding them was too short, and I didn’t have any luck attaching a cord to it with the staplegun. Finally, I just gave up and attached a packing strap to the tree, and it was a HUGE success, as you can see by the crazy eyes on Skelton.

A blurry leaping Skelton.

And a blurry leaping Carlin!

Carlin approves of this new addition to the cat tree.

Skelton loves to hang his front paw over the side of the cat tree platform while he considers his next move.

And so does Carlin!

Carlin is off for his rabies shot later this morning! I’ll probably bring Skelton along as a traveling companion so Carlin won’t be scared – or, more likely, bored. We’ll leave the house right around the time they usually settle in for their morning naps, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they sleep the entire way there and home again.


Video! Carlin checks out Fred’s new screen saver… Let’s not tell Fred about this, okay? (I’m just kidding – the first thing I did was show Fred the video!)

YouTube link.


Stinkerbelle, fuming. I’m not sure what had her so annoyed, but I suspect either Jake or Alice was involved.


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7-8-15 Wednesday — 17 Comments

  1. Oh sure….get Carlin in trouble (“*gasp* No!”) by taunting him with something YOU really don’t want him to play with!! Poor poor innocent baybeh!!!

    You know….Belushi makes me think of Deigo from Ice Age. He has that cougar-ish look.

  2. *Major snort* “No!” Poor wee bebbeh gets in trouble for being a good hunter… hehe…Carlin’s sideways hang-time leap from about a week ago MUST be in your fave pix link!! I’d also vote for Orlando’s screen door hang and pretty spotted belly, but I’m a bit prejudiced. Yaaay for Belushi!! Lucky family!!

  3. When the video stopped playing (I love the “*gasp* NO!”) a bunch of George Carlin videos came up. πŸ™‚ I adore Carlin (the kitten – the human isn’t too bad either) and wish he could come home with me!

  4. Hooray for Belushi, and your Favorite Pics page is going to assume giant proportions in no time! And good luck with Skelton and Carlin’s excellent adventure.

  5. Dang, Belushi’s growing up. Looking at that enlarged pic, I can see the man lurking out in his face. So glad he’s got a forever home. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with I’m guessing.

    Oh Fred, your poor scratched up monitor. I want to hear him explain getting a replacement with IT. What tiger/panther/cheetah attacked company equipment like it was a limping gazelle!

    So glad to see Lucy play like a single woman with no dependents. She’s been a great mom but she can still be a kitten too.

    Carelin’s such a character. Love seeing that cord wrapped around his ear.

    • I probably should have mentioned in the post that Carlin is really good about not using his claws, so there were no scratches. Fred did make a half-hearted attempt at convincing me that he needs a bigger (!) monitor anyway, but no go. πŸ˜‰

  6. The screen saver video made me laugh. We got a new thinner big screen TV and that now allows Boris to sit on the entertainment center in front of it. When hockey is on, he is ALL about jumping up to get the puck and smack the refs and players. The other cats could care less. πŸ˜‰

  7. This is my happy place today. Ahhhh….

    I really need to print out Stinkerbelle’s fume-face and her eyes-o-lurve face and tape them to Popsicle sticks to tuck behind my nameplate in the Cube Farm. That way, people know what’s waiting for them on any given day…