7-9-15 Thursday

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“Innernets peoples, I am going to Petsmart this evening, and so you need to come adopt me toot sweet.”

“You hear me?”


Carlin, lookin’ guilty.

Skelton is getting so long and skinny, I swear you could tie him in a knot.

For once, Carlin has the upper paw in this fight!

Doesn’t Skelton look super stressed about the whole thing?

Later, Skelton walked into the laundry room and went semi-floofed.

Then Carlin came along and was all “WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON IN HERE?!” (I like to imagine Carlin sounding like Yosemite Sam.)

“WHOA, that’s freaky!”

It turned out that Archie was hanging out behind the refrigerator – as you do – and it was freaking Skelton out.

So, the boys are off to Petsmart this evening. I have given them a million hugs and a trillion kisses, and it’s time for them to find their happy ending.

I have a very very good feeling about adoptions tonight!


Video! Carlin was VERY determined to get his paws on Tommy’s tail, and Tommy was totally teasing him.

YouTube link.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) sees what you’re doing, and she is SO disappointed. You should know better!


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7-9-15 Thursday — 20 Comments

  1. Hahaha, at Lucy’s closeup! What a pretty girl she is. She reminds me of our own April, also a foster mama. I hope her people show up quickly!

  2. That is an excellent video!

    Best wishes to Lucy and the boys. Godspeed with your adoptions!

    Kara, I love your face!

  3. That Carlin, he is SO graceful! (leap: flop) (leap: crash) I’m sure he could have jumped higher than that, he was just getting his plyometric exercise in for the day. (nodding head seriously)

  4. mom swears Cairo just exploded like that too….one minute he was little and then BANG, she can’t even wrap her hand around him anymore. Good luck Lucy and the boys!!

  5. So, Miz Robyn, do you think your cat perches that attach to the window with suction cups are up to a 16-17 lb. cat jumping on it? The one I had in the window fastened with Velcro came crashing down the other day, causing my glass break sensor to go off and necessitating a trip home to make sure everything was okay. I need to get a new one, but also need to find one that will hold up a 17 lb. cat.

    • I think it would – it’s supposed to hold up to 50 pounds. Tommy’s 13 pounds, and it barely moves under his weight. I would say it’s definitely worth trying!

  6. Oh my! Everything about this post tickled me, to the point where I even (literally) dribbled coffee out of my mouth onto my new gray slacks when I laughed out loud at “…Archie was hanging out behind the refrigerator – as you do – …”

    This was a great start to my day and I’m sad to see The Baybeeee go, but I really hope he finds his charming little self a wonderful home where his shenanigans will be adored.

    Kisses to Sheriff Mama for all the hard work she does!

    • Also, would just like to say again how precious I think Lucy is and I would totally adopt her “toot sweet”…. and now I totally want you to name a kitten that…

  7. Yes, loved this post! And “hanging out behind the refrigerator – as you do-” was the best!! Best wishes that they all get adopted by the best people tonight! Hugs to you for saying goodbye.

  8. I wonder what Carelin thought he was going to do once he caught that tail. I suspect Tommy wouldn’t have agreed with him.

    Good luck Lucy and little guys! I can’t imagine them staying there long. Especially with their personalities.

  9. Nooooo! Not everyone at once! *pouts* But I know their families are waiting for them… *sniff* Safe and quick travels Lucy and Fools!

    And the tail jumping video needs to be added to the favorites!

  10. I’ve been so happy seeing how well Carlin was accepted into that family. Here’s to all the Fools finding furever homes quickly.

    Any idea when the next batch will come along?

    • I’m leaving for vacation next week, so I’m bringing River home. She’s been at Petsmart for a few months. She needs a break from the cage, and Fred is willing to look after a single adult (rather than a litter of small kittens) while I’m gone. She’ll be with us for about three weeks, and then I’ll be back and ready to go on to the next litter!

  11. I’ve so enjoyed this extra time with Carlton, Skelton, and Lucy. The Fools have been pure joy. Thanks for sharing them with us, Robyn!