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Robyn, I don’t want to hijack your comments, but I do have a question. I came home from my book club last night to have my daughter freaking out – our 19 yr old cat had blood coming from below his anus. I think it had just happened, because the blood was very fresh everywhere – and I do MEAN everywhere.

I thought our other cat had bit him, because I saw him earlier following him around sniffing his behind. Luckily my husband works for a vet clinic, so I texted a vet tech, and sent a picture, she thought he had ruptured an anal gland. We were able to get him to the clinic, even though it was after hours, someone gave him the antibiotic shot that lasts 14 days, and told us to feed him pumpkin and to do warm compresses if possible.

My question – has anyone had a cat that ruptured an anal gland? The people at the clinic said it was fairly unusual, cats usually kind of deal with the anal glands themselves. It is a pretty good sized wound – but I guess we need to keep it open so it can drain.

Anyone else have a cat this happened to?

Maureen, I am so sorry I didn’t respond to you in the comments last Friday. I saw the comment and meant to, but then something shiny caught my attention and I wandered off.

Back in 2008, Miz Poo had an anal gland adenoma – a cyst near her anal glands burst. The vet had to put her under and clean the area, and then closed it up. As I remember, her recovery was pretty smooth and the vet said that they usually come back and turn into a chronic condition, but sometimes they never reoccur. We never had another issue with it, luckily.

It doesn’t sound like your kitty had the same issue as Miz Poo, but it sounds a little similar so I thought I’d mention it.

Has anyone out there dealt with this? We’d like to hear about your experience, if so!


Do you think your cat perches that attach to the window with suction cups are up to a 16-17 lb. cat jumping on it? The one I had in the window fastened with Velcro came crashing down the other day, causing my glass break sensor to go off and necessitating a trip home to make sure everything was okay. I need to get a new one, but also need to find one that will hold up a 17 lb. cat.

You know, they claim that they’ll hold up to 50 pounds, so I would think they’d hold your kitty. Tommy is 13 pounds, and the bed barely even shifts underneath him (and now that I think about it, it held him plus Carlin (who weighs 3 1/2 pounds) just fine), so I would say give it a try! The ones we have are the Sunny Seat, which I got at Amazon.


Carlin’s not a very shy little kitten, is he?

Carlin is absolutely NOT shy at all. He is one confident little guy, and I wish I had had the camera going when he walked into the kitchen and rubbed along Archie’s side. Archie, who likes his space, was HORRIFIED, so he hissed, and Carlin didn’t care at all, he just went along his way.


I got the Sugarbutt – judging you banner and I believe I need a shot glass of that to go with the Stompers not judging me one I have. So that way I can take my first/second with Stompers and then if I go for more I can use Sugarbutt.

Here you go! (If that’s not the design – wording – you had in mind, let me know. It’s relatively easy to change.) As always, everything is marked up by $1, which I donate to Challenger’s House.


I still love the description of Gilda as a ninja house leopard tuxie. Puts me in mind of the rare diamond-bellied tuxie description from a while back. Who was that, anyway?

I also love that she was adopted first! She’s the one I would’ve snagged. Was she as much of a sweetie as I (hope) suspect she was?

Paul was the rare diamond-bellied tuxie, from back in February:

And yes, Gilda was – is! – a complete and utter sweetheart. She was the biggest lap-sitter of the bunch, loved being held and snuggled, and would let me flip her over onto her back like a baby, and would just purr and purr.

Gilda’s family, if you’re out there: we’d love to hear how she’s doing!


So, last night:

And now the confession: I’ve known that Carlin and Skelton were going to be adopted, together, for a little while now. Because their new big brother might look a little familiar to you if you’ve been reading for a while…

That’s Bill, from the True Blood 6, who was our foster way back in 2009! He has an older sister, Izzy, too. Ann and Rich came to visit a few weeks ago, wanting to meet Belushi.

WELL. Belushi was all “DON’T LOOK AT ME, DON’T TALK TO ME, YOUR LOVE BURNS MY SOUL.” Carlin, on the other hand, was all “HI HELLO WHAT’S IN THIS PURSE AND THESE SHOES ARE A WONDERFUL TOY AND YOU MUST LOVE ME.” Understated and quiet, that’s our Carlin. He stomped his way into their hearts pretty quickly, and they decided they wanted to adopt him. They came for a second visit a week later, and Carlin and Skelton curled up together to sleep, all super cute and sweet.

A few days later, Ann let me know that they wanted to adopt Skelton, too. I WAS THRILLED.

So when y’all said repeatedly that they needed to be adopted together, well. It was all I could do not to announce that they WERE going to be adopted together! And now they have been.

The BEST thing is that they have their very own Instagram! You can go follow them right here. Carlin is now George, and Skelton is Red – which I think is just perfect.

Okay, so here are the last of the pictures I have of these sweet boys and Lucy. I spent more time snuggling and kissing them than taking pictures, these last few days!

Did I mention that he likes to hang with his paws dangling over the side?

Lap full o’ Skelton. Silly boy is smacking at his tail.

“We havin’ a private meeting. You go ‘way.”

I love this picture so much not only because of the leap, but also because of Carlin’s little face peeking out from the cat tree condo, all “What the – ?”

“I can do that, too!”


Lucy, eye on the feather teaser. I love the whiskers!

She swings! She… misses!

That look she’s giving her tail is cracking me UP. “This is all your fault! You made me miss it!”

Sweet, gorgeous girl.

FYI, she’s been ripping this cardboard box apart, slowly, over the past week. She doesn’t eat the cardboard, just leaves the pieces there after she’s ripped them off.

Lucy was not happy about being at Petsmart, and in fact she hissed at first when I put her into the cage. But she settled down quickly, and I know she’ll be fine. I got to see (and kiss) Louis, Shecky and Roseanne, and hopefully this is the weekend they’ll all be adopted.


Say hello to River.

River has been at Petsmart for a few months, and needed a break from the cage. I’m going on vacation next week, and so while Fred wasn’t willing to care for little bitty kittens while I was gone, he was perfectly willing to host River. We’ll keep her in the foster room for a few days, and then give her the run of the upstairs for the rest of her stay here.

I don’t know exactly how old she is – I’m thinking 9 months or so? Those pictures aren’t the best, I’m sure I’ll get better pictures to post. I don’t know her very well, but I’m told she’s a sweet, feisty girl with a mind of her own. She was a little timid when we first put her in the foster room, but by bedtime she’d warmed up. I’m sure she’s going to enjoy having room to stretch!


Video! Carlin and Skelton try out their pro wrestling moves. Those boys are CRAYZEE.

YouTube link.


Joe Bob is coming over to me with one thought on his mind: to get some lovin’. He is one lovable lovebug, that boy.


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  1. The news about Carlin and Skelton with Bill is the best way to start the morning!

    River is a pretty little girl.

    So, where ya goin’? 🙂 Have fun and safe travels!!!

  2. Many congratulations to Ann and Rich. And I believe we urgently require a Bill update as well as at least a glimpse of Izzy! Have a great holiday, Robyn. As for River, I look forward to hearing about her adventures with Fred.

  3. Couldn’t be happier for the brudderly adoption. And big brother Bill: how wonderful!

  4. Hahaha… I guess Belushi knew he was supposed to end up with someone else. That’s okay, Bill’s family is getting a very amusing pair who will entertain them for years to come, I’m sure. Wonderful how it all worked out!

    The first thought that slammed into my brain when I saw River was: “She’s going to fall in love with Fred.” I’m not sure why, other than perhaps it’s because she somewhat reminded me of Stinkerbelle at first glance. Plus, you KNOW he has a way with the ladies.

  5. Maureen, I had a cat that had a similar issue with the anal gland ruptering. It did not bleed a lot but there was (sorry everyone who is eating right now) a lot of pus. It cleared up without any surgery. I think they did put him on an oral antibiotice for about a week. No recurrance.

  6. I haven’t finished reading the post yet, so I may be back with more comments, but when I saw Bill’s sweet face (you hadn’t named him yet) my hands flew up to the sides of my face and I whisper-screamed (I am at work after all!) “IT’S BEEEEL” (How I imagine Bill sounds with a southern accent – also, that’s what I’ve heard it sounds like when Sookie pronounces it on TrueBlood). It sounds like Ann & Rich are addicted to cute, and you’re their dealer! 🙂
    SO glad Skelton & Carlin were adopted together and that they get to keep their names (sort of!).

    • Okay-just put me in the corner with a dunce cap on! I didn’t see the name change relation till you just pointed it out. I think I shall get more coffee now!

      Fabulous news though for those love bugs!

  7. It always makes me SO happy when Crooked Acres kittehs get adopted together, but scrolling down and finding out that BILL was going to be their big brudder??? HAPPY FRIDAY!!! 😀

    River looks like an absolute sweetheart. SO pretty!!!

  8. Hooray for the double adoption and one of our adult cats Comet was also adopted so it was a good night! Thanks for giving River a break. She’s been there too long like my Raven was. I know she’ll enjoy all that extra space!

  9. Hip-hip-hooray to Ann & Rich for adopting those cute boys. And I get a new Instagram to stalk!

    Terry says “HI BROTHER BILL!!!!” 🙂 Seeing Bill’s eyes and sweet face makes me want to drive straight home and give Terry a big smooch, even though he persists in loving his dad much more than he loves me!

      • Sadly he does not. I should probably do one for him, though. My phone is absolutely filled with Terry pictures…Terry on things…Terry in things…Terry taking up all of the space on counters and beds…Terry smiling. He is a very loved and well-documented big boy!

  10. YAY – Bill is getting new brothers!! and btw…saw the adoption notice last night, read it again today and JUST got the name change. wow I’m a little slow. 🙂

    Welcome River – love the polka dots on her side 🙂

  11. YAY! For George and Red so happy they’re together and with Bill and Izzy too!

    And YAY for me! LOL Before reading the rest of the post I went and purchased the Sugarbutt shot glass along with the tote. WooHoo, so happy. Thank you Thank you!!

  12. I clicked the link to look at the Sugarbutt merch, and oh my goodness. If I had an iPhone 5/5S, I’d be ALL OVER that phone case!! It’s perfect!

  13. good for you for giving River a break.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation, I’m sure you need it and you certainly deserve it

  14. So awesome Carlin and Skelton were adopted together!

    RE: anal glands

    I suspect your cat had an abscessed anal gland. My Persian had one many years ago. The vet opened her abscess to drain it and she spent the night at the vet’s. I later had to have her anal glands removed. The one that had the abscess would not empty normally. (Her vet said he always removes both anal glands.) The cats don’t have bowel control right after surgery and she pooped on the way home in her carrier. However, she had no other such episodes and recovered nicely.

  15. Hello! I’m the mom of Sherman (trader Joe) and company. Sherman’s big bro, Charlie, has had the same anal gland rupture twice. It is not a pleasant thing. I didn’t see too much blood either time but I also didn’t figure it out until a day or two later each time. Each time there was a fair amount of puss and even though he isn’t a long haired cat, there was a lot of icky, matted fur covering the wound–which is why I didn’t notice right away.

    At the time of both ruptures, Charles was overweight and the vet thought that maybe his anal glands weren’t able to express on their own very well due to the excess weight. Charles is also missing one of his front legs and the vet thought that perhaps because of that, Charles wasn’t able to clean his behind well enough. Both times, the vet shaved the affected area (and I teased him for having a shaved cat a**! hehe 🙂 ), cleaned it, and gave him a course of antibiotics. Other than being a little embarrassed, Charles has not suffered any ill effects!

    He has since lost some weight–thanks largely to Sherman!…and he hasn’t had any issues since.

  16. So happy to hear about the double adoption. And with a family known for really loving and carring for (our) kitties!

    I can’t recall any of the females who DON’T fall in love with Fred. He’s apparently too lovable for words.

    Sorry to hear about the anal gland issues, hopefully there wont be any further issues. I get Donna’s glands expressed, which totally makes both her and the technician’s day, let me tell you.

  17. Thanks for posting my question, Robyn-and I appreciate everyone who has shared similar experiences. A week later-he is doing great, and healing up very nicely. We will definitely keep on eye on this though, don’t want this happening again.

    I am so happy that Carlin and Skelton are being adopted together!

    • Sorry to hear about your cat – glad to hear he is on the mend!

      Just wanted to add my two cents… We had a cat with chronic anal gland problems – he had a major rupture requiring surgery when he was around 5 years old – who lived a long and otherwise wonderful life of nearly 19 years.

      It can be hard to find a vet who understands this problem, as it is not common. (Generally the anal glands empty naturally as feces is passed.) Also, our cat never showed any symptoms when his glands were impacted – never “scooted” or licked excessively.

      We had to take him to the vet regularly to have his glands expressed, and the scar tissue that developed on the side that ruptured made it difficult for the vet staff to express that side.

      When he was young enough to be put under anesthesia, we would arrange for the vet do a thorough “emptying” at the same time he was getting his dental cleaning. In his later years he just had to deal with a few painful moments every 4-6 months or so unfortunately.

  18. Hey everyone! Thanks for all the well wishes on George and Red coming to live with Bill! We are so excited! Bill hasn’t quite met them yet. Last night and today we have them in a spare bedroom letting them get themselves acquainted with their new home. Tonight I may take Bill in and see how it goes. He knows there is something fun in there and wants in bad! Izzy, being a street cat for a year, is just like REALLY? One wasn’t enough?! But the goal here was that Bill misses a real playmate so hopefully the boys will be having a blast together soon enough!

    Also, you don’t have to have an Instagram account to see their photos. You can just go to https://instagram.com/george_and_red/ in a web browser and since I made their account public you can see photos.

    Ann, Rich, Izzy, Bill, George, and Red

    ps HI Brother Terry!

  19. Yay! I’m so glad that Carlin and Skelton got adopted together! And hopefully we’ll get updates.

    Best of luck to Lucy and the rest of the fools for adoptions this weekend!

    I love those leaping from the cat tower pictures!