7-6-15 Monday

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I know I said in Friday’s post that I was at the end of pictures that included the kittens who had gone off to Petsmart (which, at this point, is all of them except Carlin and Skelton), but when I was clearing off a memory stick, I found a few more!

Skelton contemplates his next move.

Carlin, atop the cat tree in my room.

Gilda and Louis at the bottom of the stairs, and Skelton heading into my room.

Carlin and Shecky think the cat tree in the front room is pretty fabulous.

Rickles climbing up the tree, Shecky climbing down, and Carlin near the very top (he’s kind of hard to see in this picture).

Rickles looking around, and Carlin’s all “Ooooh, what’s up HERE?”

Well of course the littlest one is going to be the first one on top of the bookcase. OF COURSE.

Cat tree in my room – Skelton on the top, and Louis (left) and Carlin on the next level down.

Smug Louis is smug.

Louis, Carlin and Skelton on one platform. I don’t think this looks very comfy, and I don’t think they stayed like this for long!

Sweet Louis.

Carlin contemplates his next move.

There were NO adoptions over the weekend, unfortunately. I imagine that the Independence Day weekend doesn’t really lend itself to many adoptions. Hopefully adoptions will pick up this week – those kittens need to go home!

I reported this on Instagram over the weekend, but in case you didn’t see it – Lucy’s milk has finally dried up (took about 10 days and I was starting to think it would never happen), and she’s gained almost a pound. She’s still a little thin, but she’s not skin and bones like she was. Along with the drying up of her milk came the drying up of her diarrhea (THANK GOD), and all is well in the litter box department for our sweet girl.

Of course, while that’s a good thing it’s also got a down side – Lucy will be leaving us and going to Petsmart Thursday evening. I really hope that her sweet, playful personality shows through and she’s adopted quickly.

Carlin gets his rabies shot Wednesday morning, and then he and Skelton will be leaving us on Thursday, also! You better believe that Lucy, Carlin, and Skelton are getting about 300 kisses per day.


Video! Carlin’s a Trapdoor Spider-Kitten.

YouTube link.


I don’t remember what came in this giant box, but I do know that I set it in the fireplace in the dining room to get it out of the way, and Newt claimed it as his own. If he’s in the house, he’s almost always in that box.


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7-6-15 Monday — 17 Comments

  1. KITTEN BUTTS!!!! Hehehehe… πŸ™‚

    And I remember you talking about doing a page for favorite photos a while back. Well, the “Inspector Stompers not judging you” photo definitely needs to start that page off!

    • You know, the other picture several people have mentioned as belonging on that page is the one of Sugarbutt up high, looking very judgemental. I think y’all just really like to be judged. πŸ˜€ (I’ve made a note of making sure that picture goes on the page when I get it started!)

      • I think all cats owners are pretty happy that their cats can’t talk and can only silently judge us. Imagine the chaos if they could actually tell people what they’ve seen us do!! πŸ˜€

  2. Only 300 hundred kisses per day !!!!!! That does not seem like nearly enough !!!!!!

  3. I was reading the old entries as usual when the Mia tribute caught my attention. So she’d been suffering from anti-freeze poisoning for possibly weeks? Yet still loving and attentive to her kittens. Then, when they were all moved to the next phase for forever homes, she let herself really feel the effects.

    What a great, loving mama.

    Hug Lucy for me today. She’s another sweet mama. I hope she can find the forever home like what we wanted for Mia.

    PS – I REALLY want to see Sugerbutt and some nip again. Good thing it’s legal where you live.

    • That was what the vet theorized. She had seemed perfectly healthy to me up until a few days before, but once she got sick, she was gone relatively quickly. She was a wonderful mama, and to this day Fred can remember her name, which is saying something!

  4. I got the Sugarbutt – judging you banner and I believe I need a shot glass of that to go with the Stompers not judging me one I have. So that way I can take my first/second with Stompers and then if I go for more I can use Sugarbutt. LOL

    Trapdoor spider kitty!! HAHA Love it.

      • That would be awesome!! If I do more than 1 or 2 it’s usually on birthdays and New Years… So a few times a year. πŸ™‚

        Everyone who has seen the Stompers one loves it. Thinks it’s very funny. Having one judging me would be a hit even more I believe.

    • I suspect that if there’d been any more kittens around, they would have tried to climb in there too! πŸ™‚

  5. I have to say, I’m feeling a wee bit better about my windows reading this post.. cat art.. it’s a personal taste thing isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    and it is amazing that Carlton is finally starting to look like a cat, I thought he’d keep his kitten face forever

    • I actually went into the room with window cleaner and rags to clean those windows after I saw those pictures, BUT Jake was sleeping in the window bed, so what could I do? Certainly not make him move, and he didn’t need a window cleaner bath, so I guess I have to wait for another day (week, month, year….) πŸ˜‰

      • Well, of course you couldn’t wake the kitty.

        It’s not like he doesn’t get enough sleep on a routine basis or has ten thousand other sleeping places in that room alone.