7-19-22 Tuesday

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Ian’s all “Don’t touch my brudder. He doesn’t want any more kisses.”

Roger loves to hang out in the middle of the track toy and smack at his siblings as they go by.

Jocasta’s all “This one’s always smelling my breath to see what I’ve been eating.”

I assure you, Lizzie is just as soft and silky as she looks.

Roger and Brianna are all “What? We’re snuggling!”

Marsali is just so cute. In case you were wondering.

Jenny: also very very cute.


Archie’s out cold.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

After Lord John Grey, Fergus and Jamie being adopted and going home (separately) last week – and with Angus & Ian (together) and Jenny all being adoption pending, this is who is still available for adoption.⁠

Left to right: Lizzie, Roger, Brianna and Marsali. (Jocasta is also still available, but was – she said – “unavailable for your picture-taking nonsense, lady.”)

These three goobers are adoption pending, if you were wondering, but staying with us a bit longer until their people are ready for them (around the end of the month.) Jenny (left) is joining a home with other playful kitties in residence. Angus and Ian are being adopted together.

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Jenny has a purrrr.

Yep, mama Jocasta is still available for adoption.

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Tossing toys for kittens!

Marsali requests that you admire that soft little belly of hers.

Good night innernets. (Ian, left, and Jenny.)


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