7-19-21 Monday

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Apologies, y’all – this move is kicking my butt, so I’m going to need a few more days. Hopefully things will be back to normal by the end of the week. I have had to make a ton of trips back to the old house last week and this (a 2 hour round trip each time) and then on top of that I hurt my back.

My back is much better now, but I’m trying not to stress it too much, so I’m taking things slow. The house is looking much more like a home, the cats are doing great (Charlie has taken to sleeping with me every night, which I LOVE), and the foster room is very slowly taking shape. (I sure am missing those built-ins, though!)

This switch cover was a gift from my sister several years ago, and it’s gone from foster room to foster room. I love it so.

The head of the Snoopervisory Committee sleeps on the job.

Khal remains magnificent, if you were wondering.


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7-19-21 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. Miss you ALOT…but understand the time consuming nature of moves! Didn’t realize it was such a distance between your former house and the new place—that’s quite a bit of driving, on top of everything else. Take care of that back and don’t overdo it! Khal looks PARTICULARLY magnificent in that photo==didn’t think that was even possible!

  2. Eek, sorry to hear about your back. Yes, take it as slow and easy as you can! But I’m glad that the house is coming together and that the cats are doing great.

  3. Hope you will feel better soon — backs on the “fritz” are not pleasant. Take it easy and rest when you can. Khal looks so magnificently smug in the above photo — and Charlie is so dang cute as the napping snoopervisor– he probably has one eye open and is watching you. Anxious to see the new home, but will be patient until everything gets settle and you are feeling lots better.

    The switch plate is adorable !!!!

  4. Take all the time you need!!! I’m glad to read all is falling into place and the cats are doing well (and that Khal’s magnificence remains intact).

    Clearly your Supervisor is taking advantage of the fact you hurt your back (and I totally feel for you because back s**t sucks! Take care of yourself!).

  5. I hurt my back and a wrap around ice pack, heating pad(alternating) and Tylenol got me thru the worst. The pain is something that can’t be explained. I said it was worse than childbirth. And I wasn’t joking.

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