7-19-19 Friday

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Which of Margeaux’s kittens is the hissing prodigy?

They’re all pretty hissy, but if I had to pin it on one or two, I’d say Josephine and Beauregard are at the top of the list.

(Speaking of, the other night when I asked Fred to take a look at the kittens and see if he could sex them yet, those kittens hissed and spat LIKE CRAZY at him. I wish I’d been taking a video, because they were NOT fooling around. Clearly he was completely unfamiliar to them!)


Do the meezer boys stick together as much as it seems from photos?

Not particularly, they just tend to catch my eye when they’re together, so I take pictures of them. I’d like to get a decent picture of Antoine, Jacques and Esmee lined up so y’all can see the differences in their coloring and eye color, but Esmee isn’t cooperating.


I loved Moop and had to revisit his picture and story. Have you had updates on him or is there anywhere we can see him now?

No, nothing since last November.


How’s it going with the ringworm? Are they all recovered?

They seem to be! It never spread to the other kittens, and I never really saw any signs of it on Jacques or either of the mamas. I question whether it was really ringworm or if maybe it was something else (though I don’t know what else it might have been – I wish I’d opted for a fungal culture, just to be sure.) All the lost fur has grown back in, I’m keeping a close eye on all of them just in case, and cleaning the room twice a week. So far, so good!


Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but will you take advantage of the new litter to try for an Eloise again?

I did try again for Eloise, but apparently someone else has recently used it.


Gaston and Lumiere? So there’s been another “French” litter? How cute!

Lumiere and Gaston were two of the Beasts, from the litter (with mother) Belle and the Beasts – named after Beauty and the Beast characters.


I don’t know how you’re able to part with these little ones when they’re old enough to go. Raising them from neonates really is like being a surrogate mom. Just being the voyeur that I am, I can’t help but get attached. This is the main reason I don’t foster. I’d probably fail miserably. What’s your secret?

It’s always hard, but I’ve gotten used to it. I miss them desperately for a few days and then the pain fades. It helps that I never think of them as “mine,” though there’s always at least one kitten from every litter that I very much want to keep. (I get past that desire by reminding myself that we couldn’t possibly keep just one kitten; since all the permanent residents are older and wouldn’t play with a kitten, we’d have to keep two. Adding two to the permanent resident roster would bring us back up to double digits, and I’m unwilling to do that again, so there you go.)


In case you missed it on Facebook, Willa – our stunningly gorgeous foster back in late 2016 – was returned to Challenger’s House earlier this week.

Her people are moving (or have moved) and were unable to take her with them. (I know… but let’s just be grateful that they returned her to Challenger’s House instead of leaving her behind or taking her to a high-kill shelter.)

Ashley, who volunteers at Challenger’s House, reports that Willa is very very sweet. She’s very loving, had no problem with being picked up, and rubbed her face all over Ashley’s face, purring up a storm. She’s sweet and gorgeous and friendly, and if you think she needs to be YOURS, email Challenger’s House at challengershouse (at) mchsi.com for more information.


I swear it looks like Josephine and Beauregard are trying to read the watermark at the bottom of the picture.

For a cat who wasn’t producing any milk at all when we got her and “her” kittens, Margeaux is doing a bang-up job of providing milk these days.

A pile o’ cute.

Smilin’ Josephine.

An Henri and his Mama.

Katriane takes a break.

Esmee sleeping with the toys. She is such a goofball.

Since I piled the toys in that basket while I was cleaning, it’s become the place to be.

Jacques and Francois have a snuggle.

Happy Francois.

Antoine has a snooze.

Amelie loves this little cave, which (you can’t tell from this picture) is shaped like a fish.

Can I interest you in a piece of Madeline pie?


Jake rubbing up against Dewey, who is pointing his Ears of Annoyance at Alice, who was minding her own dang business.


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7-19-19 Friday — 3 Comments

  1. Man, that Francois is a dreamboat.

    Although I’m sad to read that Willa was returned, I don’t doubt she’ll be adopted quickly! Who could resist her sweet face?

  2. poor Willa! 2 of my nieces moved to South Korea to teach last year and one of them brought her 2 cats. It can be done!

  3. Wonderful and amazing pictures, as usual!

    I hope dear Willa finds her forever forever home very quick-like.

    The new babies certainly are gorgeous little chunky monkeys!

    And the big babies are just adorable. All those from above shots are especially sweet!