7-18-19 Thursday

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The babies are sexed, named, AND I got their pictures yesterday so y’all can see how much they’ve changed in one week. Without further ado, please say hello to…

The brown tabby kitten with a dab of blue on the ear is a GIRL, and she is Josephine.

The gray tabby kitten with a dab of yellow on the ear is a GIRL, and she is Fleur.

The brown tabby kitten with a dab of green on the ear is a GIRL, and she is Gabrielle.

The brown tabby kitten with no fingernail polish on the ear is a BOY, and he is Henri.

The gray tabby kitten with no fingernail polish on the ear is a BOY, and he is Luc.

The brown tabby kitten with a dab of pink on the ear is a BOY, and he is Beauregard.

Fred chose the names from the very long list of names I had; Michelle and Brittany nixed a few names (Eloise and Giselle, both of which have recently been used), and then I switched from Antoinette (which is too much like Antoine and since I’m prone to confuse myself on the best of days, I thought it would be wiser to switch) to Josephine.

They’re continuing to do great – gaining weight, nursing like crazy. One of these days I’ll get them added to the sidebar and the page for Les Chatons. (Today probably won’t be that day.)

Eyes are opening, they’re moving around the crate more. They’re starting to look like kittens instead unformed blobs of clay.

That’s Henri on his back under Margeaux’s leg.


Josephine had a complaint or two.


We got something in the mail recently that was sent in a mailing tube, and it was big enough that I thought the kittens might like it. Amelie certainly did.

So did Esmee.

Esmee has a sleepy.

The meezer boys (Jacques and Antoine), hanging out.

Amelie’s great big feet crack me up. And doesn’t she have the most delightful spotted and stripey belly?

Madeline and Amelie have a snuggle.

I don’t have a picture of her, but Katriane came through her spay surgery just fine. I got her home around 4:00, and she was a little wobbly. I tried putting her in the bathroom, and girlfriend was NOT. HAVING. IT. I gave in after a few minutes of angry wailing on her part, and when I got her into the foster room with the others, she spent about an hour walking around and sniffing everything before eating a little and settling down on the couch for most of the night.

She weighed in at 7 pounds yesterday (which is what Caroline weighed – it’s the summer of stringbean mama kitties, I guess), and – no surprise – she was still in heat. Thank the good lord that’s over with now.

She is, technically, ready for adoption. We’re guessing her to be about a year old (she certainly acts it), she’s very sweet with humans, extremely playful, and gets along just fine with Margeaux. She’s spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. If you’d like to apply to adopt her, you can email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org


Oh, that Archie. Kind of a dreamboat, kind of a jerk.


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7-18-19 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. Henri will be pronounced on-REE I’m my head no matter how you say it!

    Do the melzer boys stick together aa much as it seems from photos?

    • Kathy, well of COURSE it will always be ze on-REE, how else would it be pronounced? That’s exactly how I pronounced it in my head too! 🙂

      • Did y’all do the back of the throat scratching on the soft R, too? You know I did!!!!!

  2. And I only scrolled through the first bebe before being called away. FF 20 minutes and I could not figure out why I had Louis Prima’s “Josephine, Please Don’t Lean on the Bell” running through my head…

  3. Oh good lord how awesome are those names! And when did Josephine’s eyes plink open?!! What a perfectly cute set of names for these perfectly cute little monkeys.

    Archie, lol. Hopefully more dreamboat than jerk.

  4. Yay x 6!!! Great names for some adorable little babies!

    Had to laugh at Katriane NOT HAVING IT! Glad she settled down… eventually.

    Archie 🙂