Estimated date of birth: 12/1/15

Willa came to us on December 8, 2016. She’d been dumped on someone’s property about three weeks previously, and they’d contacted local rescues looking for help. I was told that she was hugely pregnant and ready to give birth at any moment. I’m a sucker for a pregnant cat, so agreed to take her.

When we got her, it was pretty clear that she wasn’t about to give birth at any moment, but we still thought she might be pregnant. After a week, when she started going into heat, it was clear that she wasn’t pregnant at all. We had her spayed, and as of now (12/26) she’s waiting ’til her last vaccinations can be given, and then she’ll head off to Petsmart and will be available for adoption.

She is a super sweet, very friendly girl who loves to be petted, snuggled and kissed before she wanders off to do her own thing. She is a very puppylike cat who will bounce at cats she doesn’t know and then will get right up in their face to check them out. She should be okay with other cats, but cats who are scared of other cats or who will run when another cat comes over to them wouldn’t do well with her – she seems to see a running cat as someone to chase, and in her foster home she would chase and hiss at the other foster cat in residence. Cats who can stand up for themselves should be fine with her as long as they are introduced properly.

She is a playful girl and loves playing with mice that rattle, feather teasers, and Boinks toys or straws, and with a few toys, she can entertain herself just fine. She likes to sleep in high-sided beds that are in out of the way places (currently her favorite place to sleep is in a square plastic container in the back of the foster room closet), but can also be found curled up on top of a scratcher, watching the traffic go by. She’s a pretty quiet cat (unless she thinks it’s treat time, in which case she will tell you ALL about it) and would be fine as an only cat.

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