12-12-16 Monday

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Dustin now has the run of most of the upstairs. At first he claimed the big pink bed on the end of Fred’s bed as his safe place. And he didn’t mind having Uncle Stefan as company.

He certainly looks COMFY.

And then Uncle Dennis claimed the bed, and Dustin was like “Well, okay. I guess next to the bed works, too.”

He likes to hang out either on Fred’s bed or near Fred’s bed. We blocked off the two hiding places he liked the most – under the recliner, and in the pagoda in the hall. He has his skittish moments, and he doesn’t like it when we loom over him, but he’s warming up a little more each day.


Did I mention that Dustin has the run of “most of” the upstairs? He doesn’t have the run of the foster room at the moment because…

“He doesn’t? How come?!”

Meet Willa.

She’s a gorgeous long-haired SUPER friendly girl.


“Prepare to love me, innernets.”

She was dumped on someone’s property in the country – she’s clearly been around people and is super comfy in a house, knows that doorknobs open doors, and people = food. She’s not underweight at all, she’s over 9 pounds, her fur is in great shape (no mats), though she’s a bit scabby due, I think, to fleas. She wasn’t loaded down with fleas, but I combed about 10 of them off of her after an application of Advantage and a Capstar. Oh, and she likes to be combed!

She’s about a year old.

She’ll be with us for a little while, I’d guess. In the meantime, she’ll chill out here. She’s a sweetheart with a goofy side I hope to properly capture on camera.


Sheriff Mama is tired of your nonsense. ::thlurrrp!::


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12-12-16 Monday — 21 Comments

  1. I was hoping she was bakin’ some babies for us but I’m glad she doesn’t have to go through that. Purty girl!!!

  2. oh my she’s a beauty 🙂 I’m with Karen, babies would have been nice, but I’m glad she doesn’t have to deal with it.

  3. Hallo Willa! Aren’t you the pretty girl? You’ve landed in cat heaven.

    P.S. Heart shaped nose! Squee!

  4. Welcome to Kitty Heaven, Willa! And Robyn, I love this time of year when I can look back two years and see Baby Jethro and Baby TC!

  5. Wow, almost a year old and she isn’t preggers?? Now that’s a Christmas miracle! But have you looked to see if she looks like she’s had a litter? (ya know, the nipples!!) 😉

    And do you pronounce her name like Willow with an “a”, or like Wylla of Itty Bitty fame?

    • I pronounce it like Willow with an “a.”

      You are nipple obsessed. 😛 I’ll talk more about her nipples and her state of pregnancy or lack thereof in Wednesday’s post, how about that? 🙂

      • Wait a minute…has something changed or did I not have enough coffee in me when I first read this post?? Hummmmm…

  6. Welcome to a wonderful home, Wylla. You’ll be loved and well-taken care off. BTW: I’m already in love

  7. “Prepare to love me, innernets”

    HAHAHAAAAA…. done! prepped & ready! let the love-fest begin, Willa!

  8. Willa is just gorgeous, and her name is perfect for her! She makes me think of a dilute version of Adele.

    Did her naming have anything to do with the fact that Fred calls Dustin Willis? Also, I’m curious as to why some people on Facebook were calling her a mama cat – has the tiny thing already had a litter?

      • At least you didn’t stick a “Do not open until December 25th” sign on Willa to make us wait!! 😉

    • Connie, I do believe there was some editing to this post after it went up, because what I read early Monday morning made me believe she wasn’t pregnant. Now Robyn is being mysterious…. 😀