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ummm – when you bought the house did it come with a “cat signal”?? 🙂 And that Fred does seem to have the mojo

I think there’s a web page, run by cats, that has our house listed as the premiere place to stay in North Alabama. I’m imagining a chart with “food”, “water”, “occasional canned food”, “deluxe accommodations” all checked off, with a note that there’s the occasional unsavory character around (particularly Newt, who does NOT like it when new cats show up. Somehow, doesn’t stop them from showing up, does it?), but the management is good at looking after guests, and the dogs are contained. Also, a warning that kitties might not leave with all the luggage they arrived with.

Part of Fred’s mojo is his patience. I can be patient with kittens in the foster room, where I have a comfortable place to sit, and it isn’t cold. When it comes to spending time outside, coaxing a wary cat into coming closer, I just can’t deal. I’m too much of a wimp! Thank god for Fred.


If you buy from Amazon, you can set up Amazon Smiles and select Challenger House as your charity. Then when you make a purchase Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to the charity.

I know I added this to Wednesday’s post, but I’m repeating it for anyone who had already read that day’s post. I’ll probably repeat it a few more times (if I remember to), and will add it to the sidebar, just in case! (Thanks again for the reminder, Joyce!)


My hubby NEEDS a FURnace, but thinks a 3rd cat is too many. Any suggestions on ways to convince him to add to our family?

I recommend the “this old thing? We’ve had it for YEARS!” maneuver.

(I kid. But I have to wrap my mind around the concept of having to convince a husband that you need another cat. I’m on the other side, these days, and WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER CAT.)


I called the 1-800-FLUF-HED number in your 2009 post to order a new ACME Portable FURnace (my current FURnace has grown too big to be portable :)), but they’re out of stock until January 6th. Are there any other companies offering a comparable product that will be in stock for the holiday shopper?

Step 1: Open Google
Step 2: Type “Cat rescues in (your area).”
Step 3: Bring home a FURnace and a second as a backup! 😉


Robyn-since you LOVE doing collages (don’t you-I know I love seeing them), is it possible or too much work to make some with each of the different varieties of kittys you’ve had. Such as a black group featuring TC, Logie, Tricki and the others. A tortie group with Molly, Lizzy, Adrianna.. A white group with Ralph, Trader Joe and well you get the idea.

Once I have the pictures chosen and set aside, collages are very fun and easy to do. The problem is coming up with the time and attention span to actually sit down and get it done. I’ll add that idea to my list of stuff I want to do some day!


I have decided to take a TNR’d kitty under my wing and take care of her. She now has a collar and tag (with my phone number) and I have been feeding her. She will get shots etc later. My question is….how do I keep opossums out of her food dish? (And the neighbor’s cat is gonna get really fat, too!)

This is an excellent question, and I have no idea – which is obvious, given the possum who sits on our side stoop and eats cat food almost every night. (His fur is so thick and glossy!)

Anyone out there have any suggestions on the topic? I’d be interested to hear!


Kitties can have B*tchy Resting Face too!

I laughed so hard when I read this! They certainly can – not only as shown by Tadpole (above), but also by Kara, who looks like she would like to cut you, but in reality is the SWEETEST and HAPPIEST girl ever.


does Trick have a small head or is it just a trick of photography?


Is Trick playing a trick to trick us into thinking he has a small head via trick photography?

It might be on the smallish side, but it only adds to his charm!


So did they ever get Lizzy’s Mom and Aunt?? Or did they TNR them?

They haven’t TNR’d them yet, but they’re planning to do so.


Noelegy asks:

I have a question that I would appreciate if you threw into tomorrow’s post. I would love advice on a sweet kitten who remains shy and skittish. Tamsin, whom I adopted at the same time as Maisie, and is six months old, loves to hide. We’ve tried to integrate her before, without success, and I just fear she’s getting more neurotic.

She’s installed in my office, and though I always have to bring her out from her hiding spot, she comes willingly enough and is almost desperately affectionate when she comes out. But once the cuddle session has ended, she goes right back to her hidey hole. I see no improvement in her condition. I try to spend time with her every day, and of course she has a forever home with me no matter how it turns out, but I’d so love for her to be part of the gang. I hear her running around late at night to entertain herself (she IS a kitten, after all), but my princess in her tower breaks my heart.

GD said:

I would first ask myself if she is unhappy….and to be sure that it is not me that is unhappy because she is not what I want her to be (as in like all other cats). I think it is very hard for us to separate ourselves like that sometimes. If she is happy, then maybe let her be, or even just expand her room to one more room. Put something intriguing in there that she just can’t resist (keeping the other cats away at the same time) and giving her another hidey-hole in that room, too. Then SLOWLY expand it one room at a time and maybe to just one of the other kitties. When and if she gains confidence and a close friend, it may help her venture out more as she will have a “partner”.

I do understand how it can break your heart for them, as I do have one that is soooooooooooo submissive that…well, if you act like bait, you get treated like bait and I do have to protect her, a lot.

I like GD’s advice, and I’m hoping that y’all will have more to add. Please chime in!


I love the look on Jethro’s face as he concentrates on biting his brudder.

Jethro and Molly, watching TC run off.

That look on Jethro’s face is killing. Me. Dead. Don’t we need a closer look? I think we do!

::boop:: says TC.

“Really?” says Molly. “You sure you want to do that? You maybe want to RETHINK THAT PARTICULAR ACTION?”

::BOOP:: says TC, who ain’t skeered o’ nothin’.

“That’s right, I ::BOOP::ed you, and I meant it!”

“And I’d do it again, without hesitation!”

“I mean, I don’t like it when you make those ears at me…”

After this, it got mean and nasty, and we had to look away, of course.


Grandma Poo thinks you need to come closer. No, closer. Closerrrr… how’s she going to sneeze in your face from so far away?!


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  1. There were SO many things in today’s post that made laugh (from both the Q&A and the kittens)… this is why I love coming here; not just for the laughs but for the kitty love. You guys are the best. Thanks for the kickstart to my Friday. Only one more week and then I’m on vacation until the new year. wooop!wooop!

  2. a website….that explains it…and it must be searchable by state which explains the cats that show up here

    TNR – depending on your space/skill level you may want to consider making her a “hut” of her own. there are doors that can be programmed to only allow in cats by their microchip which would keep out introoders

    Tamsin may benefit from a quiet friend. Here at our house when we have skittish kittens, we introduce Uncle Tim….he is calm and likes kittens (OK – he likes kitten FOOD, but where goes one goes the other).

    • I put a collar on her (break away for safety)…but it “broke away” in one day. Yes, it was a snug fit (not choking, though) and the snap was FIRM. Still… a cute, pink, glitter collar GONE along with the tag with her name and my cell number. Grrrr…

      I will say, when I drove up my driveway yesterday, she came running over meowing! She knows where her bread is buttered! LOL. I can hold her now and give her kisses. 🙂 Funny part is, each time she has to remember that I won’t hurt her and is skittish until I finally am able to give her the first pet. Then it’s all, “Oh, that’s right….this lady is nice!!!!!” 🙂

      • She will NOT be owned, by anyone apparently. She is her own person thank you very much.

        The fact that she waits for you and then comes meowing like a kitten for food and will be held and snuggled are not withstanding.

        A case of semantics.

        • Today, she came running full speed when I called her name. I picked her up and gave her snorgles. 🙂 She knows where her bread is buttered. 🙂
          Her new nickname = Laney Cakes.

  3. I was reading that past entry about Terry’s adoption, kind of ticked me off. No, definitely ticked me off.

    I hope TC’s butt can cover those checks he’s cutting. That could get ugly.

    • “I hope TC’s butt can cover those checks he’s cutting.” HAHAHAHAHA!!!

      I think Molly will have her day!

  4. lol @ google instruction

    for Noelegy you might want to start giving Rescue Remedy. It helped my Eli become a little less timid and a little less reactive to the things he feared, giving him time to realize not everything was out to get him. It took him a while, and even after I stopped giving it to him there was still improvement in his ability to accept new things and new situations and attention..

  5. I missed Noelegy’s question in the comments and my solution won’t help her at all, but…

    My Bruiser is scared to death of other cats, but adores dogs. I have no idea why, but we finally just accepted that (we had two dogs when we adopted her 13+ years ago). All our dogs are gone now, and we can’t get another one, but she is friends with several neighborhood dogs who stop by to visit on their walks, so she still has play (and bathing)time with her pals. Our neighborhood has the cleanest dogs on the planet.

  6. The only advice I have on opossums is to put out a lot of opossum food. They like fruit and veggies (It’s a great way to dispose of banana skins, the tough ends of asparagus, etc.), and maybe if you feed them enough of that, they’ll leave the cat food alone because they are full.

  7. I take it these photos are from the day when Lizzy was off to the vet. I hope everything is well with her!

  8. Noelegy – I have seen similar things on My Cat from Hell. Based on what Jackson Galaxy suggested, I recommend blocking her hidey holes, getting hidey beds kind of like this: http://www.amazon.com/PAW-Enclosed-Cube-Pet-Bed/dp/B00MP2PX2Q/ref=sr_1_15?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1418446795&sr=1-15&keywords=cat+bed that you place in the common rooms near where the people are, and to find a toy she likes and have a person play with her every day for at least 15 minutes. Da Bird even got my 18 year old cat to play.

  9. Somewhere, on a tree or fence post, there are some of those “hobo signs” scratched at cat height. “Kind lady” “good food” “fun toys.”