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Adriana went up on top of the cabinets and looked around. Luckily Stinkerbelle wasn’t up there (although, Stinkerbelle is pretty good about growling at a kitten before they get too close to her).

I guess she found the top of the cabinets not to her liking!

It’s total Box City in the kitchen lately, and the kittens are loving it.

Paulie’s sounding out the words. “Cheeeeeewyyyyy. Dot com!”

Tony thinks this big ol’ box is AWEsome!

Oh, these kittens with the tongues sticking out their mouths. Wouldn’t you think they’d get dry?


Serious Silvio is serious.

Pile o’ snuggly, purring kittens.

Silvio and Paulie enjoy Fred’s chair.


That ceiling fan is apparently quite something. (Note Tommy and Silvio in the window bed.)


A pile of leaves gathered between the side stoop and the fence. Newt thought that was a perfect place to snooze. First of all, it’s comfy. Second of all, it’s right by the side door! So when he’s done snoozing…

He can come to the door and ask to come inside!


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12-12-13 — 14 Comments

    • If you watch the vid Friskies will donate a can of cat food (up to 500,000 cans). It’s very cute and it’s good to see the five most popular internet cats participate. My favorite scene is when Oskar the blind cat is hugged by his roommate.

  1. It is obvious that if you have an existing cat in your home and are wanting to get another….Silvio is your man! Guaranteed smooth transition and you will have BFFs in the making!

  2. Silvio is definitely a snuggler. I hope he continues that as he gets older. He would do well to be adopted with a sibling or at least have another cat in the house already.

    Thanks for the card too!!!!

  3. Newt is a gorgeous kitty with that thick winter fur coat! All the kittehs are truly growing… Do you know when they may go up for adoption? Bet you’ll miss the little pitter-patter of kittens! Unless, of course, you surprise us with another batch.

  4. Ah, Chewy dot com! reminded me they have a really nice litter pan with detachable high sides and a lower entrance…really inexpensive, too, I found for 7.03 on sale, usually 7.99, and for kicks went to petsmart dot com, and it was 21 something there! it’s going to be our ‘on every level’ cat pan, since a stack of clothes was found christened when the other cat virtuously tried to bury it…grrrr!

  5. Awww, Joe Pickle and Magoo got adopted this time last year! Wish their dad would send an update…pretty please? A Stompers update would be nice too…you know you’re suppose to catch up with “family” at Christmas! πŸ™‚

  6. I decided that, instead of sending a holiday card in return for the cute one I got, I’d make a donation to Challenger’s House. Hopefully it will help some adorable little monkey-kittens find forever homes!

    Also, I looked at the archive link for today and saw Kringle all floofed up: https://love-and-hisses.com/images/LH/2006/12/2006-12-12-01.jpg. There is nothing more hilarious and cute than a kitten trying to be threatening!

    The pile o’ kittens picture you posted is making me wish I could just stick my head in with all of them and snorgle the lot of those sleepy fuzzballs: https://love-and-hisses.com/images/LH/2013/12/2013-12-12-09.jpg. SO CUTE! πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for the Christmas card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!

    What is it with cats and boxes ????? Can you just box up the Sopranos and send them to me !!! I’ll take good care of them !!!!