I spent a lot of time in the kitten room yesterday letting the kittens get used to me, and petting them as they went by me. I figure it can’t hurt to spend as much time in there as I can, petting and handling them as much as possible.

Jack Frost cracks me up because he comes over to be petted, and he walks around you and lets you pet him, but if he gets too far away and you can’t reach him to pet him, he turns and gives you a LOOK and meows sadly as though to say “Why you stop petting me, Lady?”

Merry has actually been climbing up on my legs to sniff at me and be petted. Kringle is the least scaredy-cat of all the kittens, and even Faith likes the occasional back scratch. Noelle, though, she worries me. She’s so scared and timid and I don’t want to scare her by picking her up and kissing her, but she sits off by herself and just stares at us, and I don’t know if she’s wishing we’d pet her too, or that we’d go away so she doesn’t have to be so scared.

Poor Noelle.

What will be nice is that after tomorrow morning we can stop giving them metronidazole (they were diagnosed with giardia) twice a day, which might help stop them from being so skittish around us. They HATE that metronidazole. Fred holds them while I squirt a dose of the stuff down their throats, and then they run off to sit and drool and shoot daggers at us. I do my best to get the syringe as far back in their mouths as possible so they won’t have to taste the medicine, but apparently I’m not doing so well.

Poor kitties.

Something’s spooked Kringle! (It was a black paw reaching under the door from the other side. Tommy is DYING to get his paws on these kittens)

“Whyfor haff you stopped petting me, Lady? WOE IS ME!”


“Heyyyyyyyyyy, Macarena!”

“Can it be hugs time now?”


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