12-13-16 Tuesday

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“What up, innernets?”

“You gonna take a nap with me?”

“Not sure there’s enough room for you, but you can give it a try.”

I learned over the weekend that Dustin is a SUPER playful boy (I mean, I knew he was playful, but I didn’t realize just how playful he is!) I got out the feather teaser and waved it around, and he went crazy (naturally, I didn’t have the camera with me). He likes the electronic toys – the cheese wedge and the Cat’s Meow. I haven’t tried him on the cat games I have on my phone, and I need to get out the laser light. He REALLY likes feather toys – he’s usually so quiet, hanging out in the overstuffed cat bed, that it’s easy to forget he’s a kitten and plays like one.


When there isn’t a person in the foster room to tend to her every need, this is where Willa likes to hang out.

It’s on top of the tallest cabinet in the closet, way back in the corner – the quietest and darkest place she could possibly be. The instant I walk into the room, out she comes. So she’s not hiding – she’s just snoozing in a quiet out-of-the-way place.

Then she comes out and has a bite to eat before she sashays over to get some petting and snuggling.

Does some grooming (keeping that floof in order is quite the job indeed).

Little poser.


Oh, that Joe Bob. Doesn’t he have the SWEETEST face ever? Lucky for me, he doesn’t mind when I kiss him right on that perfect pink nose.


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12-13-16 Tuesday — 3 Comments

  1. Willa is one beautiful floof! I just want to cry when I see pictures of those cats being treated at UT vet school that survived the Gatlinburg fire. Poor little babies with burned ears and paws. Monty’s owners found him curled up in a burned out car by the remains of their home just last night. Minor burns but he’s warm and safe now.