7-23-21 Friday

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Annnnd we’re back! I’ll do a more in-depth post next week about the move itself, but the long story short is that my back is completely better (funny how actually taking a few days off from aggravating it will do that) and here are a few pictures of the progress of the kitten room.

This is what it looked like a few days after we closed on the house.

This is what it looked like the day before we moved in.

That is vinyl flooring, and I think it improves the look of the room approximately 1000%. (Also, that room is eventually going to be repainted. I don’t know when and I don’t know what color, but that is far too neutral a color for me.)

And this is what it looked like two days ago.

Y’all ready to meet the new fosters? Here we go!

Here’s Mama Molly Marinara. She is floofy and gorgeous and oh so sweet. She looks a little rough because she had an accident in the carrier on the drive home from Michelle’s house and needed a partial bath. I don’t know how old she is, but she strikes me as young – I’m going to say she’s 2.

Meet her kittens!

Orange and white boy Alfie Alfredo. You can’t see his collar, but it’s blue. Also, he doesn’t have a white stripe up his forehead, which is how I differentiate him from his two look-alike brothers.

Orange and white boy Franco Fondue. He’s got a green collar and a thin white stripe up his forehead.

Orange and white boy Christopher Chutney. He’s got a yellow collar and a thick white stripe up his forehead – kinda looks like someone was trimming his bangs and lost control of the shaver.

Completely orange tabby boy Theo Pesto. As Fred pointed out, he looks airbrushed.

Torbie girl Tia Teriyaki (as Brittany said, Tia’s got Resting Suspicious Face.)

And lastly but not leastly, tiny housepanther girl Sofia Soy Sauce.

Molly’s story is a familiar one: she was a hugely pregnant stray wandering around a neighborhood looking for a safe place to have her kittens. Someone called Michelle, Michelle took her, and all of the kittens except Sofia Soy Sauce were born on June 4th. That makes them 7 weeks old today.

Add-in Sofia was found, all alone, on a loading dock in a rural town and luckily Molly was willing to care for her. Sofia’s much smaller than the others, but judging by her teeth Michelle thinks she’s only about a week younger than the others. She eats great, she plays with the other kittens (they seem to regard her as kind of a pesky little sister) and uses the litter box like a champ. I suspect she’ll find her growth soon enough.

Here are a few pictures I took right after I got them home.

I always put new kittens right into the litter box when I get them home so that they’ll know where they are. Christopher (front) and Theo apparently thought they were supposed to stay there (they eventually wandered out.)


Molly checks out the sights.

Nap time.

So, given their names – Molly Marinara, Alfie Alfredo, Franco Fondue, Christopher Chutney, Theo Pesto, Tia Teriyaki and Sofia Soy Sauce – anyone got suggestions for what to call the litter as a whole? The individual kittens have names (please do not suggest names for the kittens, THEY HAVE NAMES and when people suggest names for already-named kittens, it makes me want to flick them on the forehead really hard) – I need a name for the entire litter. I thought of The Sauces (copycatting Random Felines), but I don’t think that fits here. Suggestions? Please?


I’m not entirely sure Newt realizes we moved, to be honest. He didn’t miss a beat.


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7-23-21 Friday — 85 Comments

  1. How about The Savories,The Delectables, The Gourmets, or The Galloping Gourmets (for those old enough to remember the cooking show)?

  2. The foodies? The savories? The condiments? I am not that good at naming, am I?

    • I concur with Mary: “The Saucy Seven” seems perfect and alliterative! Happy home to you, Fred and the Perms, Robyn – and it’ll be a wonderful foster home for little ones here now, and those arriving in the years to come!

  3. How about Pastabilities?

    So glad you’re back in business! Love the new flooring, agree with your assessment. Can’t wait to see what color you choose. I can’t stand “eggshell” as a color, either. Too blah.

  4. Ornj city!

    What an adorable batch. I favor The Foodies as a name for the litter as a whole.

    Vinyl flooring is the stuff. It really is. I personally like my carpet, but that can’t work in a foster room, I agree. Glad everything is shaking out!

  5. Another vote for The Dippers. I LOVE that we have another litter with an add-in, it adds an extra little heart-tug!!

  6. I was trying to put my Pun hat on but you guys are too good. Love all the suggestions.

  7. Love the floors. I am not a fan of carpet. My house is wood and porcelain!

    I didnt read the comments before making my suggestion. It did end up being close to one other comment.

  8. I really like the new house! Fred made a post showing the yard and it is gorgeous as well!
    I am old school about bare floors. Used to be it was a sure sign you were a pauper if you couldn’t afford nice carpet! Now the flooring is a lot more expensive than the carpet!

  9. I don’t have any new suggestions, but I like The Gourmets!

    I’m happy to see you getting settled in. Fosters make it home!

  10. My vote goes to “Spicy Meatballs.” Of course it isn’t really descriptive-I just like the name. The kittens are adorable. Hope they have as much personality as the last bunch.

  11. “Food-Court”
    Mrs. Food-Court and her mall kids!
    Several different world cuisines are represented.

    I came up with that before I read the others. I do like “Dipper”, “Foodie” and “Gourmet” last name options too.

  12. Great ideas for a group name so far! I was going to say the Saucy Six or
    the Cat-iments. Or what about the Pastafarians? Whatever you decide will be fine Robyn.

  13. I was going to suggest The Food Court but there are so many great suggestions! Mostly I’m impressed that you’ve just moved and already have new fosters!!!

  14. The Foodies?

    You have a zillion good ones to choose from.

    And hurrah for your back being better…brand new kitten room….and new fosters to ogle!

  15. “International Delights” since so many countries are represented.

    I liked Saucy too, but chutney and fondue aren’t sauces too cute to be incorrectly tossed in.

  16. Yay! So glad your back is better and you’ve managed to settle in at least enough for kittens. 😉 Cute, cute, cute. But I can see where you’re probably going to want to build in cabinets and counter space at some point. Yay!

  17. Yay for new kittens and floofy, friendly mama! Knew it wouldn’t take you long to get back in the game.

    New flooring looks great.

    As for names, let’s see. Sauces…saucepans? No. Saucy. NO! Saucers? Hmm. Once they start leaping…

    The Flying Saucers!

  18. The Sauciers Saucier – a chef who prepares sauces.
    The Saucières Saucière – a Gravy Boat

  19. i really like the Food Courts and the Dippers! also the Maytags, since all those sauces end up in the fridge?

  20. Orange, orange, orange… torbie!!! 😀 And a teeeeeny housepanther, squee! I’m betting Sofia is a Beulah, size-wise, and stays small. I’ll keep both she and Tia Torbieness, please. Possibly the solid orange boy, too.

    What color(s) is Molly? I’m hazarding a guess that she’s a tortie, given the ornj boys and her torbie daughter. Good golly, Miss Molly! Don’t tell her about Molly the dog. 😛

    One curiosity. In the description for the pic of two kittens thinking they needed to stay in the litter box, who’s Carlton? Christopher? Carlton’s a cute name for a cat.

    • Molly is actually a floofy orange and white tabby – actually, I say orange, but she looks more yellow to me (and the orange and white boys look more red.) I don’t think I’ve ever had an orange mama, so this is kind of exciting!

      And Christopher actually started out as Carlton, but they changed it to Christopher and I didn’t realize it (they came to me pre-named, I don’t think I mentioned.)

      • I’ve heard that ~80% orange cats are male so that definitely drops the odds of an orange mama. I have been lucky enough to share a house with an orange female cat (not a mama) and she was one of the all time greats.

        Glad to see that everything is coming together, looking forward to watching the new batch. I see a couple of people have mentioned Awesome Sauces which sounds … Awesome

  21. how quickly you made it go from house to home! I detest change, so moves are super stressful — I hope you and Fred have carved out some downtime, more than just taking a break from the blogging. I want the two of you (and the kitties!) to be happy and healthy for a long time!

  22. Molly Marinara and The Little Dippers . . . obviously, not original with ME, just trying it out in text.

  23. I like the suggestions above of Gourmands, Pastabilities, Condiments, and Dippers. I thought of Tapas, but maybe for a future litter.

    You might want to consider some foldaway shelves, since the room itself is rather small. I suggest pale blue, pale green, or something in between, considering photography. I figure you’ve already thought about where you want to set up your ‘studio’ for ‘glamour shots’. All in all, I like the setup, though!

  24. Another Name Suggestion just came to me : The Saucealitos. (Rosie laughing being very proud of her word play):)

    • If you want a name that includes all those different categories of foods, you could do The Toppings. Has a kind of British, Mary Poppins feel!

      in British English
      (ˈtɒpɪŋ )
      1. something that tops something else, esp a sauce or garnish for food
      2. angling
      part of a brightly-coloured feather, usually from a golden pheasant crest, used to top some artificial flies
      3. high or superior in rank, degree, etc
      4. British slang
      excellent; splendid

  25. The Takeouts. Because they’re all sauces you’d get when you order takeout…

    Glad you’re all settling in. And that the kitten room already has the first occupants! How cute is this little family??!

  26. Congratulations on your recovery! The room looks great, and I can’t wait to see more of your new place! My vote is for the Magnificent Seven, because they’re magnificent! I look forward to getting to know them and their lovely mum, and to seek fhe Permanent Residents in their new domain! I hope everyone’s taken the move as well as Newt wisely has.

  27. Robyn:

    How about the Epicureans — I wanted something international and this was the best I could do.

    You are an absolute whirlwind — the kitten room looks fantastic. If I ever have to move it would take me a month of Sundays to get everything sorted out. You really are one impressive lady! I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better and that the your back problem cleared up so quickly.

    I love Christopher Chutney (kitten and name) soooooo cute.

  28. The Little Dippers?
    The Double Dippers?

    The other thing all the sauces make me think of is those laundry detergent commercials where there’s a white t shirt with sauces and gunk on it all labeled .

    So what about The Stains?

    • lol – thank you for that! And an all-white litter with names like Cheer, Tide, Persil, and Woolite (Wooly for short) would be adorable.

  29. Gotta go with “The Condiments”. They have a little kitty band that plays 60’s soul, singing about soul food – “Try a little tender steak” and the like .

  30. Congratulations on the new house and how about calling them The Saucy Sweethearts.