7-23-18 Monday

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They just love that bed so very much. Thankfully I have two of them so I can toss one in the wash every couple of days and replace it with the other one.

Buxton just loves that little crate.

Pretty little Moop Borkleton.

Bethel is just the sweetest little snugglebug who loves a good ear rub.


I feel like Moop must have been making some rude, sarcastic comment here.

Eliot needs a kiss.

Yes, someone needed (and got) a pawdicure.

Laying in a little cardboard box and fighting with your sister is the height of fun, apparently.

“Lady, GIMME that camera, I needs to take a selfie!” (Calais)

Getting the stink eye from Arundel (who is actually very sweet, if a little skittish).

Nance and Rick have come and gone. We had a lot of fun, and having them here is exactly what I needed after the stress of having sick kittens. They visited the kittens a few times, but I didn’t want them to spend too much time in the kitten room for fear that they’d manage to bring ringworm home to their own animals. (Nance did think Bethel was gorgeous – those eyes! – and was very amused by Calais’s monkeykitten antics. She also loved Dexter, and tried to make a case for adopting one of the kittens, but couldn’t get Rick on board with the idea.)

The kittens are pretty much completely better from the upper respiratory infection, playing like crazy and eating, though we’re still battling the ringworm. They all had baths Wednesday morning and again yesterday (Sunday) morning, whereupon I decided that I need to break up the baths into three days (3 kittens per day) because doing all 9 kittens is a killer. The kittens aren’t as small as they were the first time I bathed them, and they are SURPRISINGLY strong (MOOP) and able to grab the sink faucet and nearly catapult themselves into mid-air (CALAIS) and it’s harder to get them rinsed than it used to be. I guess I’m going to need to start rinsing them in the tub rather than the sink. Oh, kittens. Why you gotta be so DIFFICULT and yet so sweet?


Maxi was 100% unconcerned about having strangers in the house. She let Nance and Rick pet her (in fact, demanded that they do), and hung out with them nearly the entire time they were here.

The other cat who insisted on love from them? Archie. Those two cats don’t care for other cats, but people they have zero problem with. (By the time Nance and Rick left, I think they’d also petted Stefan, Newt, and maybe Frankie. Khal, on the other hand, nearly gave himself a concussion trying to run through the cat door and get away from Nance, who had walked out onto the screened porch. The cat doors were closed for the night and Khal didn’t realize it, and bonked his head on the cat door cover but good. (He’s fine.))


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7-23-18 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. I feel like Moop, Stompers and Mister Boogers would make a very good judgement trio!

  2. Catapulting Calais!!

    Oh, Khal… his poor little noggin.

    So glad the respiratory issues are done, at least.

  3. In that picture of Eliot it looks like he is just a floating gray kitten with 3/4 of a head that stops just below his mouf.

  4. Oh no Khal! Lol, i can just picture it.

    Also the image of Moop plus this caption/name “Pretty little Moop Borkleton.” led to me both melting and laughing this morning, thanks, nice start to the day 😀

  5. Awwww, hi kittens! Glad they’ve kicked the URI to the curb. Now for the shmingshmerm to go the same way!

    Bethel is a snugglebug? Yay! Elliot needs a kiss? Okay *smooch*. And back quite a few entries ago now, because I’m horrible at commenting (mostly because I’m reading the blog at work and don’t want to use the work computer for kittyblog things beyond reading), Millie needed a kiss so *smooch* to her too! You’ve got some enchanting tricolor teenies over there.

    Go figure, the two cats who aren’t fans of other felines are the people kitties. I admit, I’m surprised Frankie wasn’t all in somebody’s lap! And… huh, it sounds like all your orange boys were being friendly there, plus one housepanther of prettiness. Unless I’m missing an orangie um…

    Speaking of housepanthers of prettiness – poor Khal! Glad he’s okay. Hi friendly collection of skittish dark matter over there. I’d pet your floofy self, but you’d probably scram just as quickly as you tried to when you ker-bonked into the closed cat door, so I’ll send scritchies by proxy instead. Pass ’em along please, Robyn?