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First things first: Norland (aka “General Grumpy”) was adopted on Saturday! And not only that, but there were a total of five adoptions over the last week, so maybe this means adoptions will pick up now. Fingers crossed!

This leaves Logie, Newbery, Razzie, and Cap’n Floof (Russet) still at Petsmart, waiting for their forever homes. I feel like this is going to be their week!

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when Gail asked for suggestions on how to fatten up her new kitten? (You can read here for a refresher.)

Well, I have an update! Gail says:

So, as I am now the official owner of Micah, he is being renamed Tyrion Micah. I am almost positive he has dwarfism. He goes for testing next week at my awesome though 1.5 hour away vet. He hasn’t grown in three weeks. Well, a tiny bit in the legs but that could be from being stronger and standing up. He is still 14 oz as of yesterday. But he has only been with me for two days. He eats a mixture of liver, chicken baby food, soaked baby cat kibble, and blue wilderness kitten. All ground up. Going to try to get him up a bit before testing. He has met the cats and is playing his heart out! I have hopes that he will thrive to the best of his ability. I will send a pic of him with his overbite ( licks up food fine) and with my big boy Mist who I think may have some Maine coon in him :). I may have to start a dwarf kitten blog. My husband says no more. What is six, or really 5.1 cats?

I don’t know about y’all, but I think Gail DEFINITELY needs to start a dwarf kitten blog! Isn’t he the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?

Thanks for the update, Gail!

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Back in February, I introduced y’all to the cats who were, as my fosters, Javert and Eponine. They were adopted together and renamed Gus and Belle, and I got updated pictures of them from their mom, Eileen. You can read about them here.

Well, Eileen and her husband built a mini cat staircase for Gus and Belle and their long-term boarder cat Pishi, and you can see it over on Jackson Galaxy’s Catification page!

(Fred said, when I showed him the picture and told him who Gus was, “Well, isn’t he living the life of Valjean!” Ha.)

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Brandywine, harassed by the little ones.

I’d feel sorrier for her, but she does have the ability to get away from them when she wants to – she just doesn’t want to, it seems.

This picture is from before she was spayed, obviously, as her tummy isn’t shaved.


“One minute, child. ONE MINUTE, that’s all I ask!”

Rolling around in the computer room (again, before she was spayed.)

Giving me a Hard Look because she’s pretty sure it’s time to eat.

Brandywine reflects that it’s high time someone cleans this window.

The little ‘Maters are going to be neutered tomorrow. I made the appointment, and then I worried that maybe I was wrong about Caspian being over two pounds. So I reweighed him, and he’s just over two pounds, so off they go! Tonight’s going to be super fun, because I’ll be taking everyone’s food away at bedtime, and they are NOT going to like that. At least I can get them off to the vet early in the morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Guess who else is going to be neutered tomorrow?

“Don’t look at ME.” No, not Fianna.

“I will cut you if you try to put me through that again.” No, not Agata, either.

Fianna’s just going to hide ’til the talk of neutering has stopped.

And Kennebec (not him, either) and Agata are going to hang out on top of the bookcase where I can’t reach them.

Kennebec’s pretty sure he’s invisible when he’s “nursing” on the cat bed, but Stompers is all “What’s that, you say?”

“Is it… can it be my turn?”

That’s right – Stompers now weighs over two pounds, and he’s going to be neutered tomorrow with the ‘Mater kittens. And then he’s going to have his last vaccinations.

And on Thursday, he’s going to his forever home.

“Do they know about the kissing?”

‘Cause, I like to be kissed and snuggled. Like, a LOT.”

“With that whippersnapper out of the way, I bet my kissin’ quotient will be going up a LOT.”

“Also, I like to bite shoes.”

“You’ll tell ’em, right?”

I’ll make sure they know, little one.

So, yes. Stompers will be going to his forever home in Georgia later this week. And I’m excited that he’s going to go to his new home, but of course we’ll miss him around here a lot. Until then, I will kiss him one million times, and snuggle him as much as he’ll allow (luckily, he allows a lot of snuggling!), and take a zillion pictures.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tommy sure does love to roll around in the grass. First one way…

…and then the other!


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7-23-12 — 41 Comments

  1. YA for Norland!!! Oh Stompy….you are gonna be sooo missed! His new mommy had better send tons of pictures as he grows up and tell us all about his personality!

    Brandywine is really a sweetheart! Oh and Tommy…nice belleh!

  2. Yes, Tyrion Micah is just about the cutest little thing I’ve seen. Of course, I keep having my standards of cute raised every time I visit L&H!

    • Just wanted to add that Mist is gorgeous, too! I’ve never seen markings quite like those.

  3. I think we all will be missing our updates about Stompers. He is a lucky boy going to a good home and you will be able to see him as a big boy. That is the most rewarding thing about fostering is to actually see them again, in a happy and loving home.
    Have any of you caught this little kitty born without his back legs , Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat. He has a facebook page and is adorable.

  4. Windows are for looking through, not at.. 🙂

    If Gail’s husband has a problem she can send Tyrion to me!! 🙂

    and I can’t believe I’m getting watery eyes at the thought of Stompers moving on. I mean I know it is a good thing..

    Muffin just showed up and told me to stop being so emotional over that little whippersnapper when she’s here to be adored..

  5. Speaking of most adorable cats with dwarfism, check out Lil Bub on Facebook!

    Yay for adoptions! And growing up (and getting fixed, although I guess from their perspective that’s not really a yay). And Stompers going to his forever home! Is he going to be called Stompers, or Cicero, or something brand new?

    • Yes! I love Lil Bub! She always looks so amazed at everything.

      Sad that Stompers will be leaving, but I’m sure you will get updates from his new mom.

    • I’m going to go check out Lil Bub in a minute!

      Kristyn’s planning to keep his name(s). I might have added “Dumpling” as a nickname for him today, too. Heh.

  6. Hooray for young Norland and high hopes for the rest of the crew! Good luck tomorrow Maters — think of it as a spa day. And that photo of Tyrion Mica and handsome Mist is a lagniappe on top of the expected L & H yumminess. Thanks as always, Robyn.

  7. Careful Gail. You’ve definitely done a good job of fattening him up but any more and that bellah may be dragging on the floor! He’s all tummy. Certainly he can’t count as a full cat, can he?

    I seriously don’t know how anyone can look at Logie and not fall instantly in love. So sweet.

    Brandy has what I call the Mom Eagle EYE. Can deflate you from a hundred yards and make you confess to the cookie that your brother stole.

  8. Noooooo! Not ready for Stompers to go! But I know Kristyn and family ARE ready to start enjoying their little man…sniff. And I’m always happy when the babies don’t have to spend any time at Petsmart waiting for their forever family. Still…sniff.

    Tyrion Micah is a beautiful kitten! Eat baby eat! Good luck with the vet trip next week. Please keep us posted.

  9. Congrats to Norland! Did anyone else notice the updated sidebar including the Maters and Taters or am I just late to noticing that myself?

    • I did that last week, actually – and updated Norland’s picture (with the “adopted!” at the top). Still haven’t gotten around to making a page for Rupert with the permanent residents, though. 🙂

  10. Yay for Norland! But I can’t believe no one has snatched up Russet yet! Is he waiting for me? 😉

    Sad to hear that Stompers is leaving this week. He will be missed on the blog. But hurray for having a good home and not having to go to Petsmart!

  11. awww Little Stomper’s leaving.. my heart is broken.. but I’m sure he’ll be a happy kitten in a happy home.. so can I dedicate a hug to him?!

  12. YEAH for Norland….and for Stompers. 🙂

    We had a kitten a while ago that mom swore had some form of dwarfism…she was eternally short. It took us until 3 months to get her big enough to be spayed. And then as her mommy filled out it appeared that she was also shorter than she was long. At least we then knew where Utah got it. Her new mom says Utah got bigger but is still pretty short (we took to called her our weenie kitten).

  13. That little Tyrion Micah sure is a cutie!

    Stompers!!!! While I am thrilled he will be going to his new home, I will miss that little furball!

  14. Oh no…I miss him already…That sweet face and fluffy little body cheered me up every day. So I’m happy for Stompers and sad for me…

  15. I can’t believe Inspector Stompers is over 2 lbs! I will miss him and all of his antics on your food blog-I love to see his sweet little face judging your cooking skills. Here’s to a long and happy life for Stompers!

  16. Good gravy, Brandywine! Your babies are as big as you are! (Bonus turned-out ear in the first photo)

  17. WAIT! When did Stompers get to 2 lbs without you giving us fair warning about what was about to happen? NO! It is too soon! We aren’t ready. Well, ok. But only since he’s going to a great home. I also got teary eyed reading about him leaving. We will all miss him. Big congrats to Norland!

    • He did it all sneaky-like. One week he was a pound and a half, the next he was over two pounds! (Okay, maybe not quite that quickly. But it seemed like it!)

  18. I **knew** it couldn’t be just me in my ridiculous admiration of General Grumpypants of the Long Toes. Let’s hope this starts a roll that goes nationwide. Adoptions are slow up here too.

    I have no doubt that Robyn has hundreds of Stompers photos to keep us occupied while waiting for updates. But I will definitely miss the kitchen inspector when he goes.

    Also… Brandywine is a much better mother than I am. I personally would have pushed all of my kids out of the way at the food bowl. She looks most uncomfortable in that picture.

    • She puts up with so much from those little monsters – but I have to admit, I love watching her do it! 🙂

  19. You *really* should require people who adopt your fosters to sign a contract stating that they will, in fact, blog weekly and post pictures of their new furry friends… ‘cuz I’m gonna miss little Stompers the most, I think (until the next one comes along ;D).

  20. Stompers, just, kills. me. dead. I love his little face in the chomping on shoes photo. I will miss him.

  21. Looks like Brandywine’s back is getting better! And those kittens are almost as big as she is!
    Who’s taking away Stompers?? the nerve…. They better kiss him enough or he’s going to hitch hike back to your house! (seriously glad he’s got a forever home though!
    Rolly Tommy, love it!

  22. I caught a clip of Dr. Oz last week stating that we should Not eat liver. It is the organ that removes all of the toxins from our bodies. I wonder if that would be good for wee little kittens. I would think it would be much more concentrated in a tiny body. When I get time, I will have to do some research. Curiosity is killing me. lol

  23. Pre-requisite: Stomper’s new family MUST (Pretty pretty please) blog about him. I love him so very much.

  24. Congratulations on Stompers being adopted, but I’m going to miss him. His cute factor is WAY up there. Todays post really cheered me up & I needed it (funeral for a wee kitten over the week-end).
    I assume Brandywine will be up for adoption soon and hope she finds a loving home.
    Have a huge soft spot for Torties.

  25. Brandywine still looks so thin. Of course, it’s probably because I compare her to my torty, who is just a bit on the chubby side….

    And I will miss Stompers so, so much, but I’m so happy he’s going to his forever home without going to Petsmart first!