7-23-19 Tuesday

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A couple of these pictures were taken before I moved the mamas and the babies to the guest bedroom.

Amelie’s little face is cracking me UP.

We have a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here.

Yep, mamas will still produce milk after they’ve been spayed; Katriane is not necessarily happy about this.

I do believe this is a rare instance of Margeaux playing.

I was weighing the babies, and Antoine came over to investigate.

Oh, that Esmee.

Francois is all “How YOU doin’?”

Amelie on the top “bunk,” Esmee on the bottom.

Amelie watching her stories.

I’m getting the Eyes of “Seriously, Lady?” from Margeaux.

Of course they’re under the bed; I’m just grateful they’re staying on the pee pad I thought to stick under there, so I can slide it (and them) out every morning to weigh them.

Sleepy Luc.

Pile o’ cute.

Slide ’em out, weigh ’em, and slide ’em back, hopefully before Margeaux’s done eating. Otherwise, she’s going to give me the Eyes of Disappointment, and no one wants that.


Khal the Magnificent.


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7-23-19 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Khal definitely looks kingly. It’s good to be king, I hear. 🙂

    “Katriane is not necessarily happy about this.” About which, being spayed or having a young one try to nurse on her very tender belly?

  2. Hello Khal the Handsome. You know who else is a lady-killer? That dreamy Francois…

    Amelie watching her stories – hee hee, that cracks me up.

  3. So the adoption contract for Amelie will state “Adopter must have front load washer and dryer.”

  4. HA — “Otherwise, she’s going to give me the Eyes of Disappointment, and no one wants that.”

    Oh, Khal. Magnificent indeed.

  5. That clowder of kittens is seriously cute!! Thank goodness that Amelie was born in the age of electricity! Otherwise, what would this girl do?? Khal just is sooooo handsome!