7-24-19 Wednesday

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“You must have WOW as your innernets provider, lady!”

Our internet was down from about 4:30 yesterday until this morning around 9. You can imagine how HAPPY I was. (A truly dedicated blogger would have painstakingly typed up a whole post from her phone, but I don’t love anyone that much.)

Sleepy Jacques.

Oh, that Amelie. I could just kiss that girl all day long.

She loves those disco lights.

A bit of attitude from Madeline and Antoine.

Look, look! All six kittens posed nicely! Could you guys smoosh together a bit, though? Pleeease?


Francois is all “Are we DONE? Can we go PLAY? This is BORING!”

I dragged Margeaux’s kittens out from under the bed for their daily weigh-in.

Margeaux was off eating, but Katriane was like “WATCHING YOU, LADY.”

“This is highly irregular,” said Josephine.

“I know I gots a delightful belly, lady,” said Henri. “Now shove me back under the bed, if you please.”

“WAIT. Are those cat sheets?!” Henri needs a trip to Target.

“I don’t appreciate being handled by the weird lady,” thought Fleur.

Margeaux waited patiently for me to stop messing with her babies.


King Newtles atop his throne.


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7-24-19 Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. that sucks. my bestie downstairs neighbour used to share her wifi with me and her signal was great but then she had to go retire and move back to her hometown with the beach right outside her front door.
    Now my other downstairs neighbour shares her very weak signal for a price. 15$ per month isn’t too bad. way better than 60 to do it on my own. I hate being this poor.

  2. Great pics! Definitely worth the wait. Katriane has a seriously scary glare. I’d wager to say that could be considered the evil eye. No wonder your internet was down for a while.

  3. Well, this post was definitely worth waiting for!!!

    The big kittens’ ears are really coming into their own, aren’t they? 🙂

    The pictures with all 6 are amazing!!

    Margeaux’s paw fold in the last of the foster pictures – so cute.


  4. P.S. Just read the 2013 entry… poor little Scorch – didn’t want ANYTHING!

    Also in that post – Stefan atop a truck! Aww… miss that guy 🙁

    AND, last but not least, adorable picture of wee Norbie in the sun!!