7-24-17 Monday

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In case you missed it,

Lumiere went home on Friday. He’s now Poseidon, and Hannah reported that the first night he slept next to them all night long. He has a new sister in the form of Smurf (formerly Charlotte from the Carolina Kittens, our fosters in late 2016.) I suspect they’ll be BFFs before too long.

That’s one down, six to go! I would love it if more kittens (ALL the kittens AND Belle!) went home from here and didn’t have to go to Petsmart. I’m going to make an attempt to share more pictures of the kittens on Instagram/Facebook this week in hopes that their faces will get in front of the right people (ie, people who are looking to adopt the world’s cutest kittens), so I hope y’all don’t get bored.

(Hahaha. I know you won’t get bored. Because these kittens are adorable and nuts!)


The last of the Lumiere pictures!

Look at him over there on the right with the crazy eyes!

And I’m not sure what he was doing here, but he certainly gave Gaston the Ears of Annoyance.

Hanging out, determining his next move.

I wish I’d been able to convince Ressler and Agnes to join the rest for a real family portrait, but alas. It’s not like they were all looking in my direction anyway.

Pretty boy.

His eyes are so cool – sometimes they look really blue, other times they’re so pale they almost look white.

“Tryin’ to nap, lady.”

Trip to the milk bar with Gaston.

See? Super blue eyes!

Filling up the Tiny Basket.

Poor Belle.

Last shot of all four of her kittens at the milk bar.


Videos! In the first, Lumiere gets a BOOP! or two.

YouTube link

In the second, Chip spotted the laser light hanging from a hook up there, and took a leap at it. He missed, but it certainly got everyone else interested.

YouTube link

And in the last, it’s just a random assortment of kitten hijinx. What better way to start off the week?

YouTube link


Alice Mo keeps a very close eye on her Daddy when there might be ham present.

YouTube link


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  1. Aw, that’s such great news for Lumiere/Poseidon!! Fingers crossed that Belle and her other babies get snatched up quickly. I know I’d love me some Agnes, but being in another country kinda puts that one to bed, lol.