7-24-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

“Madame, I don’t believe I care for your tone.” #Punki (I’m on vacation, Punki is my sister’s kitty. Isn’t she beeyooootiful?)

“ONWARD, MIGHTY STEED.” Got my #KittenFix at Tails from the Foster Kittens yesterday!

#EarsOfAnnoyance at Tails from the Foster Kittens.

Wherein Tails from the Foster Kittens nearly loses a finger. #chomp #Fleurp #KittyFix

Hello, #Kit is beyootiful. #KittyFix #floof (Tails from the Foster Kittens)

Someone fell a little bit in love with this itty bitty kitten (whose name is Shrimp!) at AWS, the shelter Tails from the Foster Kittens fosters for. It was #TwueWuv.

Poor poor poor Jack. Not a SINGLE soft place to rest his weary bones in all of Tails from the Foster Kittens‘ house, so he has to lay on a nest of brown paper. Soooooo sad! #KittyFix

Lunch! Road tripping to Massachusetts to take Danielle home. #wahlburgers

Got to see my grand puppy Koshinto! Doesn’t that big head need a tiny cowboy hat?

Hawt in Boston.

Hello, beautiful.

Kitten showed up the day after I left on vacation and took nearly a week for Fred to trap her. He must be slipping. It’s a girl, I’ve named her #Meowth. That foster room does NOT like to be empty.

Stopped by Tails from the Foster Kittens on our way home from Massachusetts last night, and were greeted by Jack, Fleurp, Twee & Kit. The floof kills me dead. (And I took, literally, 132 pictures while I was there!) #FloofBrigade

My sister’s senior picture (from 1988) is killing me dead. (That’s Tabitha, our childhood kitty, with her.)

And to be fair, here’s my senior picture from 1986, complete with super perm.

Really not sure what we’re going to do about taming this feral beast. She’s just over 2 lbs, about 8 weeks old, and so very floofy. #Meowth #challengershouse #fosterkitten #FloofPanther #FailingToBeFeral

This fish decoration in the bathroom cracks me up. #Vacation

The view from here. (Land’s End, Bailey Island, Maine.)

Dinner with Molly.

“I can has French fry?” #Molly

Every time I peek in on #Meowth via the Dropcam, she’s either playing or snoozing. I’m headed home tomorrow, can’t wait to snuggle this little one!

No time for your #shenanigans. #Molly

Oh, this little muffin. I’ve renamed her from #Meowth to #Privet because she’ll be getting some pre-named friends, and I wanted her to go along with their theme. She is a sweet, nervous little girl who just wants to be petted and snuggled until she doesn’t. She purrs like crazy, and is an air-kneader. She’s off in a bit for testing (fingers crossed!) (If you hadn’t seen the previous pictures, she showed up here right after I left on vacation, and it took Fred several days to trap her because she might be little (about 9 weeks old), but she’s wily.)

#Privet is getting new friends in a few hours! In the meantime, she’s going to hang out in the window bed and take it easy. Keeping all that #floof arranged just so is difficult work.

Meet the #Evergreens! Top left: #Spruce. Top right: #Cypress. Bottom left: #Juniper. Bottom right: #Privet (who you’ve seen already), keeping an eye on Spruce, who’s exploring his new environments. Spruce, Cypress and Juniper are almost 12 weeks old; Privet’s about 3 weeks younger. She was THRILLED to see her new friends. They aren’t quite sure what they think about her, but I expect that when they acclimate, they’ll like her well enough. Spruce and Cypress are boys; Juniper and Privet are girls.

Listen. #Spruce, #Cypress & #Juniper are NOT scared of floofy little Privet who’s floofing around growling at them, they just prefer to hang out over here far, far away from her. It’s comfier over there, y’know? #TreePanthers #HousePanthers #Evergreens #NotSkeered

#Cypress keeps an eye on The Floofy One (#Privet), while #Spruce looks elsewhere. This morning, they’re less cowed by her little growls, and the boys even approached me for petting! #NotSkeered #Evergreens

“THIS MY BOX YOU GET YER OWN!” says the growly #Privet. #Juniper and her brothers have decided that Privet is all floof and no bite, and when she growls at them, they laugh at her now. I mean, seriously. Have you ever seen anything less scary than that growly little #Floofball?

#Spruce is just chillin’.

YouTube link
The #Evergreens love the feather teaser! (They love #DaBird even more, but that was downstairs and the feather teaser was within reach.) Pardon my videographic skills, I had the teaser in one hand and the phone in the other and I am clearly NOT that coordinated. #Spruce is not wearing a collar, #Cypress is in the green collar, and #Juniper is in the pink collar. #Privet had her first vaccination this morning and it made her sleepy, so she stuffed her floof into the wall condo and ignored us all while she napped.

Canvas People was having a decent deal on pillows a few weeks ago, so I ordered one with my favorite picture of #MisterBoogers on it. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. I love it! #GrandmaBoogers

#Spruce, keeping an eye on me.


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7-24-16 Weekly Roundup — 6 Comments

  1. Glad you had a wonderful vacation. Love that the foster room doesn’t like to be empty and lured Privet to Crooked Acres 😉

  2. Welcome home!
    In Wahlburgers photo…is that a ‘Charming Charlie’ store at left of photo?

  3. The kittens are all adorable, and so is every other cat and dog in your pictures. So is the Container Store, I WISH we had one!

    I woke up on Thursday to a text from my husband, saying he was bringing a kitten home. While I adore kittens, we already had 3 cats, and our oldest (19) has a brain tumor, and I am working hard keeping him eating and drinking. Add our 2 big dogs, small home, and I was not a happy camper. Then the little guy showed up, they think he is only 6 weeks old-but he has the most independent spirit, and we haven’t heard one hiss or seen an upset floof-he isn’t afraid of anything. He is like Superkitty! All our animals have been named by our daughter (who is now 22), and she came up with Basil, from The Great Mouse Detective. So he is named after a mouse!

    The sweetest thing is he has really taken to our oldest cat-and right now is curled up next to him on the big pillow that Sassy seldom leaves now.

    So that is my kitten story…I’m so glad Fred was able to catch Privet!

    • Awww…I always say cats come into you life for a reason. My six-week old Jinx appeared as my 21 year old Boo was getting close to The Bridge. My vet told me Jinx was meant to be mine! 🙂

  4. I think I wore pretty much the exact same sweater as you in my Senior picture in 1987!