7-25-16 Monday

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Last summer – you may recall – we had an all-black litter of kittens named the Swimmers. One of those Swimmers – the only girl – was Torres. This is what she looked like back then:

And also this:

And shortly before she went off to Petsmart, she looked like this:

She was adopted in November. Her name is now Sasha, and here she is, all grown up and gorgeous as can be!

(Her pointed back toes are SO ADORABLE.)

I don’t know, what do you think, does someone love his Sasha? Happy first birthday to Sasha and her brothers, wherever they might be!

(Thanks for letting me share Sasha’s pics, Goose!)


Things are going well in the foster room. Privet isn’t growling nearly as much at the other kittens, but there’s still plenty of hissing going on when she floomps too energetically in their direction and startles them. The day before I brought Spruce, Cypress and Juniper home, I said something to Fred about how docile Privet is.

Well. She is not docile AT ALL anymore. She races around that room like a crazy little ball of fur. She’s kind of like a lab puppy in a kitten suit.


A moment of recharging. She loves to sit and look out the window – Fred says she’s looking “longingly” at the outside world. I think she’s just reflecting on how easy life inside is.


Cypress and Spruce, keeping an eye on that little crazy one.

Keeping an eye on Spruce.

Spruce, keeping an eye on Privet. (That’s Juniper’s tail sticking out from underneath.)

Privet went floomping across the room, and it startled Spruce into putting on his floof suit.

“::FLOOF!:: I SAY!”

“What you doin’, weird kitty?” asked Privet.

Then he caught sight of himself in the mirror, and although he had JUST taken off his floof suit, back it came again. He and Cypress are very interested in those mirrors.

So, I could have sworn I said how old these kittens are in Friday’s post, but apparently it totally slipped my mind.

Spruce, Cypress, and Juniper have a guesstimated date of birth of 4/30/16, which makes them just over 12 weeks old.

Privet has a guesstimated date of birth of 5/18/16, which makes her nearly 10 weeks old.

Hemlock has a guesstimated date of birth of 5/28/16, which makes him just over 8 weeks old.

Oh. Wait. Did I forget to tell you about Hemlock? Gosh, and here we are, all out of time. I guess I’ll have to tell you all about him tomorrow! Here’s a picture of him to tide you over ’til then.

Spoiler: he’s possibly the biggest lovebug EVER.


Newt in his ham-mick, tired of this “kittens” nonsense. He’s all “You gots a Newt, lady. What else do you need?!”


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7-25-16 Monday — 21 Comments

  1. The Evergreens crack me up!

    Hello Hemlock, you sweet little face you. And Newts, oh, I could just squeeze the stuffing out of you!

    • Privet is a cute name but I liked Meowth – her first name. I think it would have morphed into MOUTH – and that certainly fits her little growly self.

      Whatever she is called – she is a treasure. 🙂

  2. OK, that’s just mean. You’re such a tease, Robyn.
    Hemlock makes sense, but how did you not name him Dobby? With that FACE?

  3. I am in love with Privet. Awww…little Hemlock…it will be all better now!

    Sasha’s daddy looks smitten!!! 🙂

  4. Mean, Mean, MEAN Robyn Anderson!!! We know there has to be a story behind little Hemlock (hi sweetie – your world just got wonderful!) and you are making us wait! MEAN, I say!! 😉

    • Oh and now Challenger’s House has posted that Hemlock is a “miracle” kitty! So there IS a good story to come!!

  5. Unrelated to today’s post but I think you’ll be amused to know that I’m preparing closing documents for a client today (I’m a paralegal) whose first name is Stanley, and his middle initial is J. so no matter what his actual last name is, he will always be Stanley J. Boogerton to me. I just hope I can keep from actually calling him that.

    • I would totally have typed that in one of the first drafts to give to my attorney so that I could then have explained who exactly Stanley J. Boogerton was….. 🙂 LOL!

  6. Sasha looks like a younger, slightly smaller version of my Raven. Gorgeous black kitty all grown up now! Oooh, hello Hemlock! Love the name!

  7. Sasha’s Huge!! That cute little kitten is a full grown healthy Panther. Thank you for the pics, we love seeing the fosters smug and happy in their forever homes.

    Hemlock looks like nobody’s ever loved him, poor baby. I bet he attaches himself like a tick.

    There is nothing cuter than black kittens in full stranger danger mode.

  8. Sasha is a lovely cat and I’m glad her human shared the photos with us. Thanks! It’s wonderful to see her all grown up and happy in her forever home. 🙂

    I started reading about the kittens’ ages and was thinking, “Hrm, I thought she had mentioned this before. Oh. HEY! New kitten, wait, hey… Robyn! No fair!” :p

  9. Hemlock, you look like you have a story to tell us!

    I am sure you’re right that Privet is just looking outside thinking how good she has it now. Harley (who spent the first year and a half or so of her life outside in a feral colony) loves to look outside, but has absolutely no desire to go out. I could leave the door hanging wide open and she wouldn’t go through it!

  10. Sasha is SO beautiful — and so in love with her Dad (and obviously he with her!)

    Looking forward to hearing Hemlock’s story! Sweet baby!