The kittens are doing well. Spanky’s really started to let me pet him a lot more than he was, and in fact he’s become a lot less skittish about being petted than Gilligan is. I’ve let the shelter manager know that they’re both ready to go when there’s room at the pet store, but with the glut of kittens right now, I’m not sure when that’ll be.

Maryanne refuses to let me do more than occasionally brush her as she’s going by, but she’s definitely warmed up to Fred. I’ll be interested to see how she is once her brothers are gone and she has only us to play with – will she loosen up, or be the same standoffish little brat?

When you’ve got kittens who love to play with the camera strap, you end up with a lot of closeup pictures.

Mister Suspicious.

Gilligan takes a page from his suspicious brother’s book.

* * *

Basket full o’ hate.


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