7-25-17 Tuesday

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Mrs. Potts, sitting in a basket and admiring her cute self.

Gaston’s all “Hi Mama, hi!” And Belle’s all “Yeah, yeah.”

“What big teef you have, Mama!”



Uh. Don’t give ME that look, Belle. You shoulda put it into drive and zoomed off before they found you!

Ressler putting the ::CHOMP:: on Agnes, who’s got her Open Mouth of Outrage primed and ready for action.

Sunday afternoon we put the screen door up at the bottom of the stairs and let Belle and her kittens have the run of the upstairs. Naturally, the kittens think the bed in Fred’s room is AWESOME.

Four of the five kittens (left to right: Agnes, Ressler, Chip, Gaston.)

I love how their big feet allow Chip and Gaston to balance like that pretty much forever.

“GOT IT!” said Chip. (He didn’t.)

I finally got Mrs. Potts to join the other four (couldn’t convince Belle to join them, though. She was off relaxing.)

“I’ve got it!” said Gaston, taking a swipe. (He missed.)

Mrs. Potts, Agnes, and Chip. His face is cracking me up.

Belle and Agnes, hanging out.

With the kittens off playing, Belle takes a snooze.


Stefan looks like a big ol’ stuffed animal here, doesn’t he? Oh, what a rough life.


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7-25-17 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. I love the zippers on the kitten bellies when they are on Fred’s bed. So cute.

  2. The kittens could be 3 years old and still living at home, and the mama kitties would be all “you really need to get a job and move the hell out. But hey, let me clean your ears though.”. By the looks of Belle, she’s about ready for them to leave for college any time now.

    Does Stefan go for the kissin’? Because he certainly looks ripe for a few ambush blitz kisses in that picture.

    • A mama’s job is never done. 🙂

      Stefan DOES go for the kissin’, and in fact you could probably do just about anything to that boy you wanted to, and he’d just lay there and let you do it!

  3. Those kittens have fabulous zippers!

    Stefan looks like a seal pup basking in the sun!

  4. Those back legs allowing the kittens to balance — they look like squirrels! Such an active bunch, especially love Agnes. I’m a sucker for torties!

  5. You normally allow the kitties to roam free when a new batch is coming. Is that family of new borns coming to your house?

    • I wish they were! I actually usually allow the kitties to roam free in the upstairs once they’re been spayed and neutered and up to date on vaccinations, and usually it’s in the week or two before they go to Petsmart. If there weren’t so MANY of them, I’d let them free in the house, but with five kittens and Belle I can’t do that. So basically, we can’t bring more in until the ones we have are gone (or most of them, at least.)