7-25-19 Thursday

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Margeaux’s kittens are 2 weeks old, and here they are on the day they were born, at 1 week old, and at 2 weeks old.







Yesterday morning, having grown tired of needing to lie on the floor next to the bed if I wanted to see or touch the kittens, I moved them back to the crate in hopes that Margeaux would leave them where they were.

Please note Katriane outside the crate, sniffing around.

Gabrielle giving me attitude about being weighed.

Josephine needs a nap.

“Not sure I love this crate, weird lady.”

Margeaux left them in the crate for a few hours and then she moved them from that crate (on the right) to the other crate (on the left).

That crate on the left is the one where they were born and spent their first 10 days.

And then yesterday evening she moved them back under the bed. Because OF COURSE. I guess she’s made her opinion on the subject known, so I won’t move them again until we’re ready to move them all back into the foster room once the big kittens (or most of them) have gone home. SIGH.


The big kittens met Uncle Archie, who hates kittens. It went about as you’d expect.

Right after he hissed.

Uncle Archie has left the room, but the floof suits remain.

Madeline and Antoine are the ones who got the brunt of his dirty looks; I think Jacques is semi-floofed just in reaction to their floofs. And Amelie is all “?”

Madeline kept her floof going for quite a while.

And Esmee was like “Did I miss something?”


Sheriff Mama would like to write Archie a ticket for rude behavior, but she really can’t blame him for hissing at those kittens. She’s no kitten lover either.


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7-25-19 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. Gabrielle seems to be clinging on ever so slightly to her closed eyes in her 2-week picture!

    Lol, Archie. Such a gentleman.

    • Her eyes were a bit goopy and kind of stuck half-closed. I cleaned the goop off and applied some ointment, and she’s a bit more wide-eyed today. She’s not sure that she wants to be, though. 😀

  2. Oh my. Margeaux is not the world’s most cooperative creature, is she?

    Madeline: “WELL! I never!”

  3. I think little Gabrielle objects to the color of that Fiestaware bowl. She prefers Chartreuse or Eggplant.