7-23-20 Thursday

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In case you missed it on social media…

Cutey and Clyde went home together yesterday!

They’re now residents of Birmingham (Alabama), and will have a couple of doggy siblings but they’re the only cats. Clyde will remain Clyde, and Cutey is going to be Jasmine (Jazzy), which I think suits her. And we’ve been promised updates!

These two are going to be so spoiled and so loved.

Today’s post has the rest of my Cutey and Clyde pictures. Starting with…

Clyde at 5 weeks old, and at 12 weeks old!

Cutey at 5 weeks old, and at 12 weeks old!

One of the very first Cutey and Clyde pictures I took.

And one of the last! How adorable are those two?

Cutey, all “How YOU doin’?”

They really grew to like the guest bedroom (where we kept them at night.) Occasionally I’d find them in there napping even when the door was wide open.

I was outside filling the bird feeder, and they were like “What doin’, weird lady?”

They didn’t discover those beds until literally the day before they went home.

“Um. Where’s all the toys that were in here? Why did you put them in that bag, lady? What’s going on?”

Literally 10 minutes before their new family arrived to pick them up. Way too cute.

Little posers.


Winter and the Existential Angst.

The sprinkle of white furs above d’Artagnan’s eyes kill me.

It’s going to blow their little minds when I move the cat tree in here for them to climb on!

Constance is a lap kitten.

Rochefort checks to see if Planchet is awake.


Just a Jake hanging out under a chair on the screened porch. As he does.


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7-23-20 Thursday — 3 Comments

  1. I can’t with the cuteness of Clyde and Cutey snuggling together. And the Mewsketeers are too adorable!

  2. I love the first picture where Clyde’s looking all adorable and Cutey’s completely over your nonsense.