7-19-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Looks like Lola gets her expressive ears directly from her Mama.

Cutey needs a kiss (and I love how Clyde’s tail is positioned perfectly so it makes Cutey look like a unicorn.)

Couch potato Bugs.⁠

Benjamin and Honey update! “They are getting along just fine with their Old Man Brother. They don’t mind sharing. Can’t keep them apart when we feed them. The other older sister is shy so still very limited interaction.” How CUTE is that?

YouTube link
Bugs still thinks Bunny’s tail is a LOT of fun.

Clyde comes for a snuggle (Bugs waits his turn.)

Good night innernets. (Bunny and Lola)

Couch potatoes Lola and Bugs. “Bring us some popcorn and turn on the Netflix, lady.” Excellent things are happening today, folks. Watch this space! 😻

Hooray, hooray, Lola and Bugs were adopted (together!) and went home today! No other kitties or dogs in their new home and they are guaranteed to be spoiled rotten. (They will remain Bugs and Lola!) Happy life, sweet babies. ❤️

In case you missed it earlier, Lola and Bugs were adopted and went home this morning. Here are their comparison pics – on the left at 5 weeks old and on the right at 12 weeks old. Such a beautiful pair!

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. (King Clyde)

YouTube link
Cutey faces down the terrifying Uncle Archie. (Archie’s look to the left toward the end is him looking at Fred, clearly wishing someone would save him from this kitten and her floof suit.)

With her kittens all adopted*, Bunny has now gone back to Michelle’s house (Michelle and Brittany are the fosters that I foster under. Bunny and the Fluffles were there before they came here). Bunny doesn’t “show” well – she had a few possible adopters come meet her late last week, and she was pretty rude to them (biting and grabbing with claws out). It’s possible that now she’s kittenless that’ll change; it’s possible it won’t. She needs to let the milk bar dry up, consider her life choices, and make it clear whether she’ll coexist with other cats or needs to be an only cat (for the record, I think that she can coexist just fine with other cats as long as they don’t get all up in her space.) She is still available for adoption, and I have faith that her people will come along at the right time. ⁠

And I need to deep-clean the foster room for the next batch of fosters (they’ll join us later this week). ⁠

Cutey and Clyde have moved to the guest bedroom (at night – and they’ll be allowed to roam the house during the day); they’re adoption pending and will go home next week.⁠

*Yes, I know WE all consider Cutey and Clyde to be Bunny’s kittens. Let me assure you that Bunny does not. When she came to the decision about 2 weeks ago that she was pretty well DONE with kittens, she started hissing at and smacking Cutey and Clyde first, and then moved on to the other kittens.

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Newt, in one of his favorite snoozing places. He’s our old man – 14 years old this year – and I’ve started calling him “Pappy” and “Grampa Newt.” He doesn’t care what I call him, as long as there’s food in my hand.)

“Is time for breakfast?”

Bunny went back to Michelle’s yesterday, but I got a shot of her fabulous foot to properly celebrate this Toesday.

About an hour after we took down the barrier to the front stairwell and allowed Cutey and Clyde access to the entire house, Clyde ended up on my desk. He stayed here until my need to use the mouse annoyed him, and then he curled up in the cat bed on the other side of my desk. Cutey climbed into my lap and napped. They’re actually fairly well-behaved desk kittens… so far, at least.

Good night innernets. (Clyde & Cutey)

Waiting patiently for me to go get their breakfast (I had to shower first!)

YouTube link
If you were curious about what Bunny’s neck wound looked like, here’s a progression video. The first picture is from the day she was rescued (a short while before she went into labor.) The second is from the day she ripped it all open and the reason I started putting her in a soft cone. Warning: it’s a little bloody and gross in places.

“Ain’t skeered of no vacuum, lady. Just keeping an eye on things.”

I saw Bunny for a few minutes this morning at Michelle’s. I actually walked right by her without realizing it. Michelle told me that Bunny was markedly unhappy for the first day, but had been out of the room, running around, for about two hours when I saw her, and she was REALLY surprisingly relaxed even with a bunch of other cats around. I think being at Michelle’s will be good for Bunny for now, and I fully expect that it won’t be long before Bunny’s people find her.

YouTube link
Khal Drogo the permanent resident does NOT wish to be friends with the kittens, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Good night innernets.

In case you missed it on the blog this morning (love-and-hisses.com), say hello to the new fosters! Mama Alexandra (pulled from animal control a couple of months ago with an old, healed head wound – she’s got a dent in her head, possibly from a fan belt – and a belly full of kittens. D’Artagnan, Athos and Porthos (all boys, 6 weeks old) are the kittens she was pregnant with. Aramis & Winter (about 7 weeks old), Constance and Rochefort (about 5 weeks old) are add-ins. Yes, that’s 7 kittens, and Alexandra looks after them all (they’re mostly eating on their own at this point.) Their collective name is The Musketeers unless someone suggests an alternative that strikes my fancy.

Yes, Cutey and Clyde are still with us. They’re spending their nights in the guest bedroom and their days roaming the house. They’re having a really good time exploring all the nooks and crannies of the house. (They’ll be spayed/neutered on Monday and go home Wednesday.)

Oh hi. Say hello to new addition Anne, who joined the Mewsketeers about an hour ago. She’s two months old, skin and bones, and needed a place with a mama who would give her a little extra attention. Alexandra took one look at her and said “Come on in, little one.” This gives us 8 kittens and 1 mama, which makes me happy because I like an even number of kittens – they aren’t always adopted in pairs, but it’s more of a possibility if there’s an even number!

Here’s a Bunny update that makes me very happy: Michelle texted me this picture and said that Bunny hopped up in her lap for a snuggle and then just stayed there, completely content. How sweet is that? ❤️❤️❤️

Athos finds that mouse toy QUITE intriguing.⁠

Good night innernets. (Porthos)⁠

“What?” I feel like d’Artagnan and Winter were talking about me.

Clyde and Cutey are excellent bug hunters. They spent the morning chasing a fly around the house and now they’re exhausted.

I think I worded the description of Alexandra confusingly yesterday – she is NOT pregnant. She was pregnant when she was at Athens Animal Control, but then she gave birth to Athos, Porthos and d’Artagnan. There are NO more babies (at least, none that she’ll have birthed) in her future. Here she is with Rochefort, who thinks she’s an excellent Mama (and he is RIGHT.)

Alexandra and 6 of the 8. (Aramis behind her, Rochefort belly up to the milk bar, d’Artagnan giving me the eye, Athos also giving me the eye, Porthos thinking about taking a snooze, and Constance thinking about chomping on Porthos’s toeses. (Not in the picture: Winter, who was off floomping around somewhere, and Anne, who actually hadn’t joined the litter when I took this picture yesterday morning.)

YouTube link
Meet (most of) the Mewsketeers. This video is from before Anne joined the litter, thus the reason you don’t see her. (Also, Rochefort was sitting in my lap thus the reason you don’t, I think, see him.)

I made a rookie mistake this morning: while feeding Anne, I left the jar of food (canned Royal Canin Babycat mixed with kitten formula) too close to her bowl, and rather than eat the food that was easy to get to, Anne opted to stick her whole head in the jar to check it out. (Lucky for me, she doesn’t mind having her face cleaned, though I also didn’t do a SERIOUS face cleaning, just got the worst of it off.)

Good night innernets. (Cutey and Clyde.)

Good morning, sunshine. (Cutey & Clyde)

D’Artagnan gives Constance the ol’ snifferoo.⁠

Anne says “This Porthos guy looks like he could be my brother.”

Alexandra’s kittens (this is Porthos) have very long tails.

Aramis at the milk bar.

Good night innernets. (Cutey)


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  1. Just read your FB post and I’m so sorry to hear of Anne’s passing. It seems like recently, so many young ones are leaving much too soon (not just kittens, either). This is heart-breaking news and I’m hoping you and Fred are taking it well. Sweet Anne was definitely loved from afar. 🙁