7-14-22 Thursday

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In case you missed it on social media yesterday, Lord John Grey was adopted! And he went home… to Seattle… to join another former foster you might remember. (Canasta!) You can follow them here on Instagram and here on Facebook.

Today’s post contains the rest of the pictures I took of Lord John Grey when he was with us. (He is one photogenic boy!)

Taking in some sun with Angus.

From above. (His white locket looks like an ascot, doesn’t it?)

Hanging out with 8 of his siblings. (Missing: Roger, who clearly had better things to do.)

Fergus, Lord John, and Jenny. You think there might be a feather teaser up there?

Line ’em up! Left to right: Marsali, Jamie, Lord John, Roger, Ian (back), Brianna (front), and Lizzie. Clearly Fergus, Angus, and Jenny had more important things to do.

Lizzie’s face is killing me.

In the hammock with Jenny.

Taking sole possession of the hammock. And he ain’t sorry!

9 of the 10! (Roger’s off elsewhere.)

Not gonna share his toy!

A basket full o’ attitude, is what we have there.

6 of the 10!

Organizing kittens. Top: Lizzie. Middle: Lord John. Bottom: Ian. On the filing cabinet, waiting her turn: Marsali. I sure am glad I got that organizer to organize my chargers and paperwork. It’s really come in handy for that, as you can see.

Jamie and Lord John in the sunshine.

The last shot I took of Lord John – all loaded up in his carrier, lookin’ chill. Over to the right, Jamie was FASCINATED by the toys I was sending home with Lord John.


Jake and Newt, enjoying the heat and humidity, like the weirdos they are.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Sleepy little slackers.

YouTube link
I was trying to get a short video of Lord John Grey by himself, but Angus would hear me talking, and would HAVE to come see what was going on. Such a nosy boy!

Testing harnesses on Lord John Grey to see what works best. The striped one was too loose around his midsection (and couldn’t be made any tighter) because he’s such a stringbean. The blue one (lower left) was bulky and he seemed uncomfortable. So the black harness (which you can hardly see in the lower right picture) it is!

YouTube link
Trackball fun. That’s one way to use a trackball toy, right? (Lord John Grey’s face at the beginning just cracks me UP.)

Hooray, hooray, Lord John Grey was adopted today! He is currently headed home right now…to Seattle, Washington. That’s right, someone flew from Seattle, Washington to Huntsville, Alabama to adopt him and take him home!

He’ll keep his name, and he joins a certain Love & Hisses former foster… A very charming white and gray girl with loads of personality who went home last year. 😉 We think they’ll be fast friends!

Happy life, sweet boy. ❤️

Good night innernets. (Fergus)


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