7-14-17 Friday

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I’m curious — why does Mrs. Potts have a pink collar? Is it hard to tell her apart from Gaston and Ressler?

When I first brought them home I thought I’d have a hard time telling them apart, so I collared her when I collared the other two. As it turns out I have no problem telling them apart, but since she’s used to the collar, I figured I’d just leave it on her.


Any progress on Ressler and the Milkbar?

Ressler is just not getting the hang of the milk bar, and at this point I don’t think it’s going to happen. Which is FINE, he’s got his blankie (which he nurses on) and he’s a happy and snuggly boy, so I guess I’ll stop worrying!


They sound like a herd of elephants. What’s it sound like downstairs while they play upstairs?

Like a herd of elephants! I’ve told Fred that in the next house, I’d prefer it if the foster room weren’t above my bedroom – but I’ve gotten pretty good at sleeping right through their morning shenanigans, for the most part, so I’m not complaining TOO much.


Praline, looking concerned.

Roux on top, Praline below.

Roux in the window, NOT spying on the neighbors, ABNER.

I think they were watching the birds in the tree, not realizing that Archie was right there for them to swoon over.

Keeping me company.


Ressler, mid-stretch. Doesn’t he have some fabulous stripes?

He’s also got some fabulous whiskers, and he knows it.

Lumiere gets his ::thlurrrp:: on. That’s not a big hairy spider on the right side of the picture, by the way. That’s Agnes, mid-yawn. Well, her whiskers and part of her face, that is.

::thlurrrp::ing to the other side.


Pretty Mrs. Potts.

Agnes keeps an eye on things.

A little time at the milk bar.

And a little pouting. I swear, his ears seem to be getting bigger by the day.

I’m getting quite the imperious look from Lumiere, aren’t I?

Belle, rolling around. I bet this picture would get me banned from Facebook. There are a lot of nipples there!

Belle from the back, and Lumiere also.

“He is always jumping on me and biting me, and I DON’T LIKE IT.”


Video! The current favorite toy in the foster room right now is the track ball – especially when there’s a human around to make the ball go really fast!

YouTube link


Frankie, livin’ the rough life. He’s continuing to do well – we’re (or I guess I should say Fred is) weaning Frankie off of the steroids slowly. Hopefully once he’s off them completely, the inflammation won’t come back. Only time will tell!


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7-14-17 Friday — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, those teenagers, swooning at every cute guy they see! Although, it’s not hard to see why they’d swoon over Archie…he’s like the moody one in a boy band.

    The picture of Pretty Mrs. Potts is certainly that – pretty pretty pretty! What a silky soft coat she has, and have you noticed the tabby M over her eyes extends between them all the way down to her nose? I looks like a little dress.

  2. That track ball video is great. Thank Fred for me! The caption should be “How many kittens can we catch and then make their heads spin off with this track ball toy?”

    • Oops, I meant to add more after “Frankie”… like “awwww” or something sappy like that:)