7-13-17 Thursday

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Mrs. Potts in the window bed – lookin’ smug and smugly lookin’.

Agnes cleaning Ressler’s ears for him. Say it with me now: “Awww, how SWEET!” But in the next instant, of course…


Lumiere and Mrs. Potts snuggling. Again with the smug face on her!

More smug, even closer… and an adorable little nose.

Belle keeps an eye on things.

Gaston licking the tree. As you do.

“Quit biting me, ya little brat!”

Sweet Agnes needs a kiss.

Chip is a long lean fightin’ machine.


Roux, hangin’ with Dennis.

And Stefan, I guess. But mostly Dennis.

Praline is like, “I’m going to stay up on this little cat tree, out of the line of fire.”

“Let them bite HER on her butt!”


Video! Roux, hangin’ with the big boys. She might have a little crush on Dewey.

YouTube link


Dewey, waiting for his next victim.

“Don’t disparage my character like that, lady. I’m just sitting here hanging out!”
Suuure you are.


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7-13-17 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. Great pics! These babies are adorable. Any progress on Ressler and the Milkbar? And in some sort of way, I find it fitting that Roux has a crush and enjoys ‘hanging with the boys’…. as when I say or read her name, Roux, I cannot help but think of Rue McClanahan in Golden Girls and her character, Blanche – a SOUTHERN girl who enjoyed her boys! Six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Need. More. Coffee!

  2. I love (at about 0:50 in the video) how Dewey, Roux, and Frankie (?) are all just lying there, flicking their tails. I imagine her in my head saying to the boys, “Is this how you cat? You just lie around and flick tails? Boring! Imma bite one!”