7-13-16 Creepy Crawly Crooked Acres Wednesday

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I am on vacation this week and part of next, and pre-wrote and scheduled posts while I’m gone.

I’ll be posting on Instagram while I’m gone (which automatically posts to the Love & Hisses Facebook page as well as Tumblr). If you’re not on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, no worries – I’ll do a massive roundup post once I’m home from vacation, so you won’t miss anything.


Today’s post is full of creepy-crawlies – snakes, spiders, bugs, rats – so if any of that bothers you, skip it and come back tomorrow.


Crooked Acres Wednesday: snakes, spiders, bugs and rats.



















There. That should be enough space. Here we go!

Another shot of Stefan from the day he brought the snake into the house, which caused this video to happen:

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Not ten minutes after that happened, I walked out the front door to find a snake laying across the steps to the front porch. I didn’t realize until I was in the act of stepping down onto the top step that the snake was there, so I pretty much levitated across the yard when I saw it. Then, of course, I came inside and called Fred down to deal with it.

I am told that this is a “pretty” snake. I’m not scared of snakes, but I also don’t go out of my way to handle them, because I know very little about them, and thus assume that they’re all ready to strike and kill me.

Fred picked it up and carried it out to the edge of the woods, and it raced off. It’s an Eastern King snake.

Japanese Beetle on the Hydrangea in the front flower bed.

Freshly hatched Assassin Bugs. They are SO FREAKIN’ CUTE when they’re this tiny.

Asian Lady Beetle, spreading her wings.

Their wings are pretty when you get up close – too bad they’re such pests. (Asian Lady Beetles are not the same as Ladybugs.)

Jean Raphael. Jumping spiders are just SO FREAKIN’ CUTE. They’re my favorite spiders, I just want to kiss them on top of their fuzzy little heads.

Rat in the chicken coop. ::SIGH:: We’ve got rat traps in the coop (where the chickens can’t wander onto them), chickens will snatch up and eat baby rats, and Archie occasionally wanders out to the coop, so I suppose the rat issue could be worse out there. (Rats are also awfully cute.)


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7-13-16 Creepy Crawly Crooked Acres Wednesday — 19 Comments

  1. I will NEVER get tired of watching that video of Stefan! He’s strutting though so proudly with his gift, makes the tiniest of meeps, and then all heck breaks loose. Cracks me up every time!

  2. Great pictures today! Stefan’s snake looks like a black racer. I get them all the time in my yard. They like to lay on top of my shrubs (shillings) and sun.

    I think rats are cute, too.

  3. I didn’t realize somehow that chickens are carnivores and eat baby rats. That is strangely disturbing, and I don’t think I will be able to look at a chicken quite the same way, lol. Descended from feathered dinosaurs!

  4. I love that video of Stefan and his prize!

    Robyn, do us all a favor and when it comes to jumping spiders do not follow your urge to “to kiss them on top of their fuzzy little heads.” Please confine such actions to kittens! And maybe Fred.

  5. Stefan’s generosity knows no bounds.

    I’m sure those Assassin Bugs are not appreciative of you diminishing their badassery by calling them “cute”.

    I, too, love rodents of all sizes! I, too, did not know chickens would eat them & also find that somewhat disturbing. :/

  6. Great pics Robyn. Publishing quality. Count me in as not knowing about chickens being carnivores. I know those fancy feather coats were hiding some badassery.

  7. The first picture of Stefan, he’s all, “Hallo Mister Slithery Thing!” and in the video he’s, “Derpy-doo, I haz a present for The Lady, wherever could she be?”

  8. That video is hilarious. You’re a good sport, Robyn, putting that up for us all to laugh at. And Stefan was so proud of himself. What a good, generous boy.

    (Also–I feel that I can confess this here–I really like rats.)

  9. OK – I just checked and the Stefan and the snake video is not on the favorite videos page and it so needs to be! So, when you get back, pretty please! 😀

  10. How I love that you give the spiders fancy names! Or is “Jean Raphael” the official scientific name of this little guy? I know nothing about spiderology, or whatever it’s called 🙂

  11. What is wrong with me that even with the warning, and my intense hatred of all things creepy and/or crawly, that I still HAVE to look at the post?? It’s like I’m afraid to miss even a single post! Do I have OCLAHD? (Obsessive Compulsive Love And Hisses Disorder) I believe I do.. Wish I wanted a cure..

  12. Regarding the video, several things. First, I love Stefan’s body language; he really is pleased with himself. And secondly, the editing is great – quiet, quiet, quite, *scream*. Nicely done. And last, how awesome it it that you not only yell for Fred, but you include his last name too as if he might be confused and think you’re calling for a different Fred. The whole clip made me LOL, thanks!!

  13. Andrea-Robyn does have a certain way of making even the slimiest, scariest bugs and things -“cute”-so i’m sure that you will be okay.

    Also Robyn, the rat is offended that you named the spider and not him so I am giving him the name of Gerald. He is cute and your friend now.