7-12-16 Crooked Acres Tuesday

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I’m on vacation this week and part of next, so have pre-written and scheduled posts for while I’m gone.

I’ll be posting on Instagram while I’m gone (which automatically posts to the Love & Hisses Facebook page as well as Tumblr). If you’re not on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, no worries – I’ll do a massive roundup post once I’m home from vacation, so you won’t miss anything.


Crooked Acres Tuesday: Chickens and Ducks and Harold.

This is Harold, who is a Great Blue Heron. Now that George is no longer protecting the back forty, the pond is getting a lot of visits from Harold. (It’s probable that there’s more than one heron who visits the pond, but we just refer to them all as “Harold” since we can’t tell them apart.)

(These pictures were taken before the great fishkill of 2016.)

I got too close (though I got closer than I expected I’d be able to), and Harold took his fish across the pond.

There, Harold eyed me and decided I was still too close. I’m not sure how fast he thinks I move, but I can assure you that he could have finished off that fish and made a leisurely departure from the back forty before I could have gotten anywhere close.

Off he went.

Since the fishkill (it is a real word, and not one I made up), Harold still shows up. I expect he’s having to work a little harder for his dinner; hopefully the remaining catfish are smart enough to stay in their caves when Harold shows up.

The ducks and their pool. Yes, they still go out in the pond, but the pond is apparently less fun than a freshly filled pool.

This face is cracking me UP. “You did what in the where, now?!”

Poor Rock Star and her horrible ‘do. But she can see around her, and that’s what’s important, right?

The Angry Muppet. Don’t you just want to grab her up and snuggle her? You’d probably lose an eye if you tried it.

This is Wanda, who escapes the back forty daily along with her BFF Meredith Grey. They mostly wander up to the side stoop, eat the bird seed that’s been scattered by the wild birds, check out the cat food at the feeding station, and eventually make their way back to the ditch where they hang out until someone happens by who can open the gate and let them back into the back forty.

Cruella and her ever-so-perfect ‘do.

Meredith Grey would like someone to let her through that gate, if y’don’t mind.

The rooster is the sheriff of the back forty. He’s always stomped around keeping an eye on everyone.

We recently had a handrail added to the side stoop. The birds think it’s awesome – they like to hang out and peer through the window at us, and just generally drive Jake crazy.

“You gonna get out here and fill the bird feeders, lady?!”


Fred was traveling for work back in December, and one night I was sitting at my computer. I kept hearing the banging noise of something eating vigorously out of the food bowl on the side stoop, and it finally annoyed me enough that I did something about it.

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7-12-16 Crooked Acres Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. awww… that possum seems big! of course he is… he’s well fed at Crooked Acres… and of course I want to pet him… 🙂

    • Yeah, no…you should google “angry possum” and get a load of the teeth on those things. Stick to petting kittens! (Also: rabies!)(shudder)

      • I’m not afraid of possums, we have them here & generally they are very docile. Any animal will protect itself if it feels threatened, though, so it’s always wise to exercise caution with them! 🙂

  2. Loving the named chickens! I’m sure they don’t all have names, right?
    Also, love that you call the possum “son” is that a southern thing? Boy he was NOT in a hurry, was he? He was probably waiting for you to go back in and leave him to eat noisily in peace! Either that or deciding if he should play dead or not. 🙂

    • “Let’s keep it moving, son”: classic! That totally made my morning, and my two (non-possum) boys could be hearing it all too often. Mind you, Harold and the chickens came in a very close second! Hope you’re having a fab, sustaining time away, Robyn.

  3. Awww, possum. They almost never have rabies, and the teeth and hissing is just a defense mechanism. I think they’re kinda cute. And I love that you just have a conversation with him!

    • Yep, they get a bad rap just because they can look fierce if the need arises. Otherwise, they are pretty sweet!

  4. I love the possum. And he/she is a big one. And not in a hurry to “keep it moving” I love that and will be using it from now on. Any possums we get on our deck usually move away pretty quickly if one of us shows any movement in its direction. I saw one one night licking the gnomes on the deck. Water had gathered in the crevices on the gnomes face and possum found that to be delightful. It was quick a picture which is in my head because… no camera.

    Hope you are having fun.

  5. Great post. It was nice meeting Harold. You know, there is a place in NY called Fishkill.

  6. Possums are good for us. They eat mosquitoes and ticks, slowing down the spread of lyme disease. 😀

  7. When I was in elementary school, our school librarian worked in wildlife rehab and we were all involved in raising Posey the possum one year (I’m thinking it was 5th grade, but it could have been earlier, it’s been a long time!) I know Posey is no longer with us anymore but I remember her fondly.

    I know they can be pests (or at least loud) but I have a certain affection for them nonetheless.

  8. The possum clearly feels right at home. Love the tone you used – like he’s a 13 year old boy.

    Harold is gorgeous.