7-11-16 Monday

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I am on vacation this week (and part of next). So y’all won’t have to go without, I’ve written and scheduled posts that will auto-post until I get back from vacation (and for a few days after I get back from vacation).

I’ll be posting on Instagram while I’m gone (which automatically posts to the Love & Hisses Facebook page as well as Tumblr). If you’re not on Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr, no worries – I’ll do a massive roundup post once I’m home from vacation, so you won’t miss anything.


This picture (and caption) got buried in a Weekly Roundup back in May. I cracked myself up with the caption, so I’m reposting it for your enjoyment.

We are here at Crooked Acres, where we’ve secretly replaced a kitten with this Squirrel Monkey in a kitten suit. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!

The beeeeeeeest part of waaaaaaaaking up is Macklin in yer nuts!


And in case you missed this utterly adorable picture.

That’s Barnaby Mouse, one of the kittens we babysat (along with Bubble and Squeek) last month while Brittany was in Uganda. UGH, SO CUTE!


2015: Sugarbutt.
2014: Jake was all, “Where’d they COME from?!”
2013: “Oh. I didn’t know YOU were up there.”
2012: “I put on my Stranger Danger floof, and I arched up and I gave the STRANGER a look so he’d know not to mess with me.”
2011: That’s quite the little pile of kittens, no?
2010: No entry.
2009: No entry.
2008: I adore this picture, because it looks like Zoe is airborne, that the purple thing is the rug and she’s in a mid-air Matrix move.
2007: Break my heart, why dontcha?
2006: No entry.
2005: I swear, Oy bounces around so bright-eyed and full of energy that it’s hard to get him to stand still.



7-11-16 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. Squirrel!!! 😀

    Aw…Barnaby Mouse. This is bittersweet and I’m sure unplanned since Robyn did these posts before she left. For those of you who don’t follow Facebook, Brittany (and Robyn) posted that sweet little Bubble passed away unexpectedly Friday night. No signs of anything wrong, she was just gone when Brittany got up Saturday morning. Maybe a hidden heart condition… 🙁

      • It wasn’t Barnaby, but his sister Bubble that passed. She was the precious little calico of the trio.

        • OH no. How sad. At least she was well loved and happy for her brief time here.

    • Condolences to Brittany – Bubble was so sweet and I am sure she knew nothing but love during her time with Brittany!

    • Awwww… condolences to Brittany. Sweet little Bubble, so beloved… So sorry, Brittany, Robyn, Crooked Acres and Bubble fans. So sad. I hate when kittens go on to play at the Rainbow Bridge and leave us all behind.