7-12-17 Wednesday

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“Hey, let me up there with you.”
“No! There’s no room!”

“No room at all! I’m hangin’ over the side! I barely fit up here myself!”

“There’s plenty of room! And the view is way better up here!”

“Well, THAT was rude.”


Gaston’s feelin’ sneaky.

He GRABS for the teaser toy! (I love the splayed paws.)

SO close. Next time, Gaston!

Agnes, Ressler, Gaston and Chip keep an eye on the teaser toy.

Mrs. Potts has a skeptical.

Lumiere just stays out of the way.


Video! Kittens racing around like nutballs. I don’t know what’s in that closet, but they certainly race out of it at top speed as though the hounds of Hell are after them!

YouTube link


It’s a rough life for an Archie.


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7-12-17 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. It’s probably a good thing the little monkeys only weigh around 2 lbs (give or take), because they’d likely knock the house from its foundations tearing around like that! I’m amazed they haven’t run straight into you and knocked you out cold streaking out of the closet with their pants on fire.

    Ah, kittens…

  2. It’s a wonder you get anything done. I bet it’s tempting to sit there for hours watching them play. They sound like a herd of elephants. What’s it sound like downstairs while they play upstairs?

  3. I have also wondered what entity lives in that closet, setting kitten butts afire all the time! 😀

  4. good heavens they seem to have energy to spare….love the part of the video where Belle looks over and you can almost watch her think “look out”

  5. I’m curious — why does Mrs. Potts have a pink collar? Is it hard to tell her apart from Gaston and Ressler?

  6. That video just cracks me up. Judging by most of the Crazy Kitten videos you post, I suspect that the closet is their Green Room. They run in, take a sip or two of over-priced bottled water, eat a tiny sandwich with the crusts cut off, then run the next scene through their heads and come out boinging and hopping.