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Scenes from around Crooked Acres.

2011-07-14 (18)
Green beans. I spent two and a half hours working in the garden yesterday morning and ended up with a bucket of green beans and two rows of heavily pruned tomatoes. I have more pruning to do and some other odds and ends, so it’s another gardening morning for me, SIGH.

2011-07-14 (1)

2011-07-14 (2)
That’s our very happy row of cantaloupes and watermelons! To the right at the end of the row is where our cucumbers are growing, and to the left are squash plants that desperately need to be weeded (but don’t hold your breath).

2011-07-14 (3)
We may get a couple of peaches this year, yet.

2011-07-14 (4)
One of the tomatoes I pulled to feed to the chickens. Chickens LOVE tomatoes, and so they get all the tomatoes that are seriously cracked or have a lot of worm holes. A couple of days ago I spotted a tomato that had a single bite taken out of it. I really need to get a game cam set up on the garden so I can see exactly what goes through there!

2011-07-14 (5)
Okra flower. These are the prettiest flowers, probably my favorite. Too bad they grow into okra and didn’t just stay pretty flowers!

2011-07-14 (6)
Squash flower.

2011-07-14 (7)
Pattypan squash and a visiting spider.

2011-07-14 (8)

2011-07-14 (9)
Watermelon flower.

2011-07-14 (10)
I like the pattypan squash because I think they look cool. They’re a pain in the butt to deal with, though.

2011-07-14 (11)

2011-07-14 (12)
Cayennes. I pick them when they’re ripe, dry them in the dehydrator, and then grind them into powder.

2011-07-14 (13)
Pretty sure this is going to end up a Bhut Jolokia “Ghost” pepper, which is the hottest pepper in the world, or so I’m told. Given that even jalapenos are too hot for me, I don’t intend to partake of any of the Ghost peppers, thank you.

2011-07-14 (15)
Rows of tomatoes. To the left are peppers. To the right is a half row of tomatoes, and at the end of that row are the eggplants.

2011-07-14 (17)

2011-07-14 (14)
On our fantabulous compost heap, which is covered with huge tomato plants, this watermelon plant all of a sudden showed up. God bless the compost heap!

2011-07-14 (19)
George comes out from under the chicken coop to see if perhaps I have a snack for him.

2011-07-14 (20)
Slacker puppy. Doesn’t he look just a bit embarrassed?

2011-07-14 (21)
Mama hen and her two babies.

2011-07-14 (22)
Chickens LOVE tomatoes.

2011-07-14 (23)
Gatherin’ ’round for tomato time.

2011-07-14 (24)
He’s hit that gawky stage.

2011-07-14 (25)
Two girl piggies in the wallow, and the third headed that way – ’til they saw me, of course.

2011-07-14 (26)
“You haz snack for us?” Not this time, girls, sorry.

2011-07-14 (27)
In the front room is a fireplace that we don’t use. Up in that fireplace is a ledge. Back when Kara was our foster, she disappeared one day and I was frantic, sure she’d gotten outside and ran away. Then she reappeared. Then she disappeared. Then I saw her coming out of the fireplace. She doesn’t hang out up there any more, but apparently Elwood figured out that he could hang out on that ledge (he cannot climb any further up the chimney, though, if he could, we’d block it off). Last night, Fred realized that Elwood was hanging out up there. I’m sure it was cooler up there than in the rest of the house!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-07-14 (30)

2011-07-14 (32)
Little ladies love them some Macushla. He’s such a ladies’ man.

2011-07-14 (38)
Clove and Maggie.

2011-07-14 (37)
Sweet, silly Declan.

2011-07-14 (36)
Clearly the McMaos were fond of this bed!

2011-07-14 (35)
Maggie and Macushla.

2011-07-14 (29)
Clove and Cilantro. I love their stripes and spots!

2011-07-14 (28)
Macushla, laying like a frog. I love it when they lay like this.

2011-07-14 (34)
Bed full o’ McMaos.

2011-07-14 (33)
Sweet Miss Clove.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-07-14 (39)
Kara on her platform in the back yard.


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7-14-11 — 8 Comments

  1. The garden looks great! I’m so glad it survived the flooding. The piggies are getting bigger and have apparently learned that you are the cookie lady. And the photos of Maggie and the McMao’s are great. Any news about more adoptions?

    (hope hope hope hope)

    As for that Kara photo, it is the epitome of ‘Mine. All this is mine. MINE.’

    Finally, that gawky rooster has feathers on his legs and feet?!?!?! I’ve never seen that before, although my experience with chickens is limited (and my experience with chicks is very limited to just the incubator stage). What’s the deal with that?

  2. I’m here for kitty pics but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the garden pics!!! It all looks sooo tasty. And for some reason I had no idea squash and okra grew flowers.

  3. Those stripes on Declan: LOVE.

    I was trying to figure out what kind of spider that is, but I can’t see close up enough. It looks like it has a light-colored stripe down the cephalothorax and thorax, so it could be a baby grass spider. If it’s an adult, I have no idea.

    I, too, love all of the garden pics. Love love love.

  4. What a flourishing place!!! Look at all your fruit and veg!! Amazing!! Well done you!! Good luck with the pruning but it’s worth it for all the produce that the plants are giving!! Wow!!

    The chickens and pigs are looking gorgeous, George is a great big softee and the McMaos and Spice Girls are just the best!

    Hello too all the Permanent Residents too!! Take care

  5. Poor Maggie, some of those parasites are as big as she is, and they’re still wanting more!

    And Declan has freckles? How have I never noticed this?

  6. I envy you the huge garden! All I have room for is what can fit in a windowsill (small apartment, downtown big city), so my garden consists of basil, lemon verbena (which really does smell like the real thing, only no thorns on the plant), rosemary, one huuuuge jade plant, and chocolate habenero peppers. Mmmm. I’d take the ghost peppers off your hands myself if I were anywhere near you. Yum.

    *pets all the kitties, including the permanent residents, then the puppydogs* Awww. Hi, pretty fuzzies. I know there’s at least one breed of chicken that has feathery feet and legs, but the name’s escaping me at the moment. Eep! If I ever have a place with a large enough yard for it, there might be two or three city chickens in my future – all hens, though. Silkies! <3