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On Tuesday, we leap.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to need an air traffic controller in this room soon. Note that there are two kittens in the air, and one just landed on the bed.

Blaster in the air, and someone’s right next to him.

And there goes Mooch!

Mooch on his return flight.

Marshall grabs Da Bird! He didn’t have it for long, though.

Mooch in mid-air.

And going for the touch-down.

“I’ve got it! I’VE GOT IT!”


Look at those fabulous stripes. That Marshall is such a long, skinny stringbean.

The cats are impatiently waiting for Fred to let Da Bird fly again.

Another collision! Their little faces crack me UP.


Clearly I have bothered Newt. SORRY, Newt. Didn’t mean to interrupt your study of the compost bin!


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7-22-14 — 25 Comments

  1. “Another collision! Their little faces crack me UP.” Oh my, that picture is hysterical! Mooch’s body…all the faces. Thanks for the morning smiles!

  2. Hahaha. I do loves me some Mooch and some Marshall. These kitties are built out of springs, I swear it.

    By the way…if you can get enough light in the room, you might consider going to shutter priority and going with a crazy short shutter to get less blur with your leaps. You need lots of light to do this, though.

    • I wish I could get enough light in that room to use shutter priority, but the whole house is really dark and we’ve got a big tree on that side of the house. It’s good for helping to keep the house cool, but bad for picture-takin’! I’ve told Fred we need bright lights hanging from all corners of the room… he THINKS I’m kidding!

      • Oh yeah, that’d do it. Blah, I was hoping, but I noticed your pictures were all in fairly dark rooms. *snap* Oh well. Carry on πŸ™‚

  3. I love how Stefan is comatose 3/4 of the time but bring out Da Bird and he’s riiiiiight in there with the babies!

  4. It’s been said before, but you take the best pictures! I know you must have to take and sort through a LOT to get these shots, but the end result is amazing! Of course, having such cute subjects doesn’t hurt…

    • I have that exact link pinned on my Pinterest board! I haven’t gotten around to actually doing it yet… but one of these days!

  5. I see from your 2013 post that Stefan’s been living the good life now for over a year — and yet it feels like so much less (and I suddenly feel so much older)!