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It’s going to be an exciting week for the Cheez Doodles – not only are they going to be at the cat show this weekend, but some of them will be on the news Friday afternoon! I’m not sure yet which kittens I’ll be taking to be on the news – WAAY at 4:00, if you’re local check it out! – but I’m thinking it’ll be Gilbert, Marshall, and Mooch. That’ll probably change twenty times before Friday, though.

Blaster loves to climb the screen door at the bottom of the stairs. It’s not a matter of wanting to get on the other side of the door, I think. He just wants to climb!

Mooch likes to climb the other side of the door. This climbing thing must run in the family.

I guess he decided there was nothing exciting up there.

Moochie in the sun.

“What you want, lady?”

Stefan likes to hold the kittens down and nibble on them. The kittens aren’t fans of this particular move.

Stefan, out cold.

Tommy was flicking his tail around, and it was driving Mooch CRAZY.

Tommy was having none of it, so he gave Mooch the ol’ whappity-whap. (Dennis’s amazed face in the background is killing me.)

Getting the whappin’ didn’t stop Mooch from going after Tommy’s tail again.

With the whappin’ out of his system, Tommy opted to just ignore Mooch.

Stefan, with one eye cracked a bit to keep an eye on Marshall.

Grant on the cat tree, snoopervising.


When we were watching a movie the other night, I checked on the DropCam to see what the kittens were doing. I showed Fred that Angelo was being sweet, play-fighting with Grant. Fred suggested that I use the microphone on the camera to talk to them. You’ll see their reaction in this video clip.

(YouTube link)


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7-21-14 — 22 Comments

  1. OMG the video. Seriously, they don’t know your voice? It is a good thing they are cute because their survival skills ( recognizing friend vs. foe) are not gonna keep them safe. Too freakin’ funny. We had two marmy tabby kittens at Petco yesterday , waiting for adoption. I swear they were wrestling so hard it sounded like they were trying to kill each other. The third kitten, a beautiful torbie, hid out in the litter box. She was not uber shy or scared, just wanted to keep out of the way of the hooligans.

    • Ha – I think maybe I don’t sound like myself through the camera speaker? I’ll have to have Fred talk through it and see if he sounds like himself!

      Sometimes when these kittens get fighting, it really does sound like they’re doing their best to kill each other. I try to let them work it out, but I do step in and break it up sometimes!

  2. from seeing your pictures last night, I was certain that it was the kittens bunny kicking snoozing Stefan! funny to see that it’s the other way around.

    • It’s always Stefan who starts this stuff – those kittens just never know what to do when he pins them down and nibbles on them. 🙂

  3. mom says if we would just learn to keep our tails still, the kittens would stop chasing them….guess Tommy hasn’t learned that one either 🙂

  4. Of course we need a picture or video of Mooch and Blastr on opposite sides of the screen staring at each other.

    Poor Stefan and Tommy, putting up with those kittens. If I were near them though, I’d be pestering them with hugs and kisses so I can’t blame them.

  5. He’s the wrong color, but that picture of Stefan with his eye cracked open TOTALLY reminds me of the cat from Secret of Nimh after the mice drugged his water!

  6. What on earth did you say to them?!? goodness.. (considers doing that now since I too have a drop cam)

    Apparently Dennis is always amazed..

    • All I said was “Hi, little kitties!” I mean, that’s what I SAID. God knows what they thought they HEARD. 😀