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Monday, I covered for the usual morning cleaner at Petsmart, and I remembered to take the camera with me! I didn’t get pictures of every cat there, but I think I got most of them.

Quinn, who was just a little firecracker.

Liam, I think (might be Darcey).

Cosby, who is a gorgeous, friendly long-haired boy. He’s much smaller than he looks, under all that floof.

Monday, the kitten Dennis “rescued.” She’s a sweet, sweet girl.

Tomato, keeping the newspapers warm.

Tricki wouldn’t even look at me. Hmph.

Hattie does not appreciate that kitten LOOKING at her.

Darcey (or possibly Liam). Just so PRETTY (and sweet! And playful!)

Livia! You can’t tell from this picture, but it looks to me that she’s lost a little weight.

Liam or Darcey.

Cosby on the left, Quinn on the right. There may have been a feather teaser involved in this picture.


Marshall likes to hang out on the bottom of the bookcase. You know what blows my mind? When I look at old pictures where there were actually BOOKS on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. I can’t believe I ever dared to do that!

Grant goes all giraffe-necked.

Alice, glaring at Blaster.

Dennis, hanging out in his ladder, while Mooch does his balancing act.


Smilin’ Mooch.

Gilbert just loves those mylar balls.

Blaster, Grant, and Mooch hanging on the tree.

Yesterday morning I watched Blaster saunter through the laundry room and out the cat door all CASUAL-LIKE, like he thought he belonged in the back yard. I have decided that the Cheez Doodles no longer get to run around the bottom floor of the house. They’re not happy about that, but I’m not willing to take the chance that one of the little jerks will climb the fence and disappear, so upstairs they’ll be staying. We’re talking about getting a cat door that works with RFID chips (all our cats are ID-chipped), but it’s kind of expensive, doesn’t always work (according to the reviews), and the fosters have the run of the entire upstairs. I don’t think they’re suffering!

I wish they made a cat door that would work for all cats EXCEPT the ones who were wearing some sort of device on a collar. That way, we could put collars on the fosters to keep them inside, and not have to worry about collaring up all the permanent residents. Alas, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of thing just yet.


Maxi loves those rocking chairs on the front porch. She’ll spend all day laying there, watching the traffic go by.


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7-23-14 — 21 Comments

  1. At this point, I can’t help but be angry that no one has realized what a gem our Livia is and scooped her up and taken her home. This is just unacceptable. I may need to come down there myself and get her. >:[

    Frustration aside, all those other babies at Petsmart look really adorable. I will be sad when the Doodles get shipped off to the adoption centre but I have a feeling they won’t be there long. 🙂

    • I absolutely don’t get why she hasn’t been adopted yet – it’s driving me nuts!

      In a perfect world, all the Doodles will get adopted at the cat show this weekend. That’s probably too much to ask for, but a girl can hope! 🙂

    • I feel the same way!!! Livia is ADORABLE.

      I did, also, get weak in the knees for Cosby and Quinn!!! 🙂

  2. I’m not happy that Tomato’s still there too! I’d hoped that Monday was gone too.

  3. Did we ever decide at which point you are officially a crazy cat lady? Cause I have come to believe that it is partially related to the amount of room you have proportional to the number of cats you have. My friend was moving (within the county – bigger house so her mom could live with them) and asked me to temporarily, while they were showing their house, keep her fat cat, Princess Lily (and her guinea pig, Tyrone). They moved last week, have never even put their old house on the market, and I’ve still got the two animals. She has said that if the cat comes back she’ll have to be an outdoor cat because her husband doesn’t want the cat back. so I was going to keep the cat and return the pig. the other day she asked me how much does she need to pay me to keep the pig too. (her husband was joking around about guinea burgers…) which puts my count at 4 cats in a 2 bedroom apt. (and a guinea pig named Tyrone.) 🙂 So, you’ll have to pardon me that I don’t come rescue some of the babies from there despite my deep love for them. and here’s hoping that this weekend is FULL of happy adoptions! (think I can sneak a couple extra cats in to be adopted?!)
    – signed the sucker who’s apparently a crazy cat lady

    • I don’t think you can be a crazy cat lady until you have more than 1 animal per room. Assuming you have at least a kitchen, living room, and bathroom,as well as the two bedrooms, you still have a room for each animal. Humans don’t count in this calculation 🙂
      Consider yourself still sane.

      • I like Carolyn’s computations! and thank you Robyn, that makes me feel better about it!

    • I think that you’re not a crazy cat lady ’til you have so many animals you can’t properly care for them. For some people that’s a large number; for others, it’s one or two. As long as you can care for them, give ’em love, feed and clean up after them, you’re golden. 🙂

  4. Mooch’s adorable little face slays me!

    Joining in on the indignation that Livia and Tricki are still at Petsmart! Come on, people! Looks like there are a lot of cuties at Petsmart right now!

    • I absolutely cannot believe that the silver tabbies are still there. That, to me, makes it clear that it’s that NO ONE is adopting, not that they’re overlooking the awesome Livia and Tricki, etc. Hopefully once school is back in session and everything calms down, adoptions will pick up again.

  5. I got a magnetic cat door that only worked with the magnet on the cat’s collar, and it was a blessing until the other cats realized if they followed in on the heals of the cat allowed through the door, they could get through the door too. Years later I tried it again and this time Muffin realized she could bully her way through the door, and simply kept pushing until she broke the door all together..

    I think Grant needs to be renamed Giraffe..

  6. Is it just my imagination, or does Quinn look like he might have a touch of The Loons? Either way, he’s a gorgeous boy!

  7. I think they don’t make cat doors that way because then any stray (uncollared) cat could come in your house. Or something that’s not even a cat-raccoon, opossum, deer, etc.