7-22-15 Roundup: Roseanne

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I’m on vacation ’til the end of the month, and since I’ve pre written and scheduled posts for the time that I’m gone.


Roundup: Roseanne

Two days old.

Five days old.

Six days old and NOT HAPPY WITH YOU.

Little hisser.

Eyes creaking slowly open.

Both eyes mostly open, and keeping an eye out for TROUBLE.

3 weeks old.

Paws UP, y’all!

Ears of Annoyance primed and ready for business.

“Gimme. That. CAMERA!”

“Hi, hi! HI!”

Feelin’ skeptical.

Snoopervising from the safety of the crate.

6 weeks old.

Waiting for the mother ship to arrive.

Check out that tummy!

A Rosie in a basket.

“This basket is TASTY.”

Pensive Roseanne.

Sweet girl in the sun.

10 weeks old!

Eyes on me (and the feather teaser).

A portrait of a Rosie.

Chilling in Mama’s window bed.



Roseanne in video! (There weren’t a lot focusing on her, probably because she preferred hanging out in my lap.)

Roseanne is the boss of you:

YouTube link.

Ro gone crazy:

YouTube link.


Newt was nervous because there were kids walking by. “They not coming over here, are they?” (They didn’t.)


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7-22-15 Roundup: Roseanne — 5 Comments

  1. Roseanne sure had a pouty little face as a wee baby! However, she could sure hold her own against her brothers! 🙂

  2. we bet she is giving her family a run for her money. MOL and as for that first video, we aren’t so sure she is the boss of anyone….hahaha

  3. Gosh you got some great video of this litter when they were at that first boingy boingy stage!! 😀

  4. Oh, how I love the Ears of Annoyance picture! (Pretty please can it be added to the Fav Pictures page?!) There is just something so absolutely adorable about her round, tilted back head, big eyes and wispy whiskers. What.a.doll.

    And Pensive Roseanne in the shape of a kitty-loaf all ready for her marshmallow frosting… Man, I loved this litter.