7-7-21 Wednesday

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Jake always looks so darn pleased with himself.

And Alice always looks so darn DISpleased with me. (It’s just her Resting Alice Face – she was purring and kneading when I took this picture.)

Charlie and the Ears of Annoyance.


2020: Lola’s all “Wow, I gots a lot of whiskers.”
2019: So I’d imagine at some point in the next 3 weeks she will birth between 1 and 19 kittens, probably when I’m sleeping or otherwise occupied, but maybe I’ll get lucky and will get to witness the blessed event, who knows? Not me!
2018: No entry.
2017: And please do not make me hunt you down and smack you – YES of COURSE when we move from here we’ll take him with us.
2016: “Hi, innernets! Just gettin’ a snuggle!”
2015: “I will take this one, and this one, and that one too.”
2014: It’s not WAHHHHHHHnesday, Gilbert.
2013: No entry.
2012: No entry.
2011: If they weren’t so cute, we wouldn’t always feel the need to pick them up.
2010: Tom Cullen: Simply Flabulous.
2009: Then he tries to stick his nose up Fred’s nostril.
2008: Every now and then the babies will try to nurse, but Kara shuts that down IMMEDIATELY.
2007: No entry.
2006: No entry.
2005: We need a little sign that says Warning: cat can’t hold his licker.



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  1. Very important question – do you ever still call Khal “Fancypants”? 🙂

    Until re-reading the 2017 entry, I had forgotten about that, ha.