12-13-21 Monday

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In case you hadn’t heard, Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney were adopted on Saturday and went home to Mobile, Alabama! They’re keeping their names AND you can watch them grow up on Facebook right here!

Today’s post includes the rest of the pictures I got of them while they were here. Like all of you, I am so very glad that they didn’t have to go back and spend any more time at Petsmart!

Christopher looking like he’s reached shenanigans overload.

Alfie keeping an eye on me.

They are excellent little napping companions.

I love this shot of Alfie.

“What, lady?”

One of the many days when nap time continued without me.

It’s exhausting to be this cute, honestly.

Some of the outtakes I got while trying to get a good shot of the two of them (scroll down to the social media section to see the final result).

“We think it’s only fair that we get a SECOND Churu, lady.”

Alfie checking out the carrier (right before he was zipped into it!)


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you want.

“Well, hello there, innernets.”

Poor stressed girl.

Say hello to the newest foster, Ivy. She’s a girl, she’s about a year old (maybe a bit younger), and we do believe she’s in a family way. I wasn’t so sure when I first got her (I picked her up from Michelle last Thursday), but the more I watch her, the more I think she is pregnant. She’s got that pregnant waddle, she’s got prominent nipples, and the people who brought her to Forgotten Felines took her to a vet first, who agreed that she’s pregnant.

On the other hand – this would not be the first time I got a cat a vet said was pregnant only to find out that she wasn’t. The vet did an exam, but didn’t do an x-ray or ultrasound. So we’ll watch her and see.

As mentioned, her name is Ivy. We think she belonged to people who moved, and luckily for her she showed up on someone’s doorstep who was able to get her to Forgotten Felines. The lady who brought her to us named her Ivy because she’s so super friendly and desperate for attention, and I like that name. Her kittens (assuming there are kittens) will be given the names of invasive plant species (Kudzu, Wisteria, Honeysuckle), and I’m going to call them the Invaders (unless someone suggests something I like better.)

Now, LISTEN TO ME. SHE IS NAMED. HER NAME IS IVY. I AM NOT CHANGING HER NAME. I LIKE HER NAME. Every time I have a new potentially-pregnant cat, I announce her name and then I get flooded with “You should name her…” NO. I SHOULD NOT. SHE IS ALREADY NAMED. I HAVE SAID IT, AND IT IS SO.


An old picture of Dewey, that stinker, who continues to refuse to let me take his picture. FINE, DEWEY.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

It’s an Alfie pie! (My favorite!)

Update on Barry Beryllium, Carli Calcium & Ozzy Osmium! Susan says: I just wanted to give you a kitty update. They’re all doing well. Carli is still hesitant, but coming around. We love our little new additions to the family. Here is yesterday’s zoomies to snoozies plus today’s post zoomies. I haven’t mastered the Churu line up yet. (: Barry is such a snuggle bear. Ozzy is full of zest. Carli is a flirt and making us practice patience. PS – Dave said it is Barry the brave, Carli the cautious, and Ozzy the audacious. (Thanks, Susan and Dave! 😻 )

YouTube link
Christopher Chutney and Alfie Alfredo have been sleeping with me, and they are excellent sleeping companions… and very happy!

Even though I’ve never once fed them in the kitchen, somehow they know that that’s where the food comes from, and when I do anything in there they come and wait impatiently for something to happen.

YouTube link
Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney: da BAYbees? Maybe!

Good night innernets.(Christopher Chutney & Alfie Alfredo)

Churu: the perfect photographer’s assistant. (Alfie Alfredo, left, and Christopher Chutney.)

Hooray, hooray, Alfie Alfredo & Christopher Chutney were adopted today! They are headed home right now, to Mobile, Alabama where they join two kitties and 3 dogs in their new home! Happy life, sweet boys. ❤️

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Charlie)

Permanent resident Archie is the one in charge of killing dish towels (because someone has to keep them in line, right?) During the holiday season, he also keeps us safe from the Christmas tree skirt. Thank you for your service, Archie.

Christopher (top 2 pics) and Alfie (bottom 2) in their new home! Theresa reports that they’ve warmed up to the humans and are interested in who’s hissing at them from the other side of the door. 🙂 (Yes, I sent the pie plate home with them!)

YouTube link
Alfie Alfredo (the orange and white tabby with the bangs) and Christopher Chutney (orange and white tabby with a wide white stripe on his forehead) were adopted and went home yesterday (yes, together.) Here’s the video where you can see them grow..

Good night innernets.


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