12-13-17 Wednesday

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Attention, those of you in the Phoenix, Arizona area! From reader Kate:

I have a friend who’s been feeding a feral cat in Phoenix. She just discovered the cat has kittens and is trying to get them all fixed and potentially find foster homes for the kittens. She’s willing to pay for the surgeries and to help find foster homes, but she doesn’t have any connections to organizations there and hasn’t had luck getting any to respond to her. I’ve sent her some resources I found online, but I was wondering if you might know anyone in the Phoenix area who could help, or if your readers might be able to suggest someone for her to contact. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you guys have any suggestions, please speak up. If you’d rather not leave a comment, email me at mizrobyn (at) gmail.com, and I’ll pass the info along to Kate.


Look, look, look who it is! All snuggly with her big sister!

That is Phoenix on the left, if you had somehow forgotten her face, with Amber (previously our foster Ambercup.) SO SWEET.


I unpacked this self-heated, HUGE cat bed (found it on Amazon a few years ago) and put it in Fred’s office. Stefan approves.

This picture makes me laugh, not because of Stefan but because of the old home movies on the shelf above him. Here, check them out close-up:

“Oct-Nov-Dec 2003 (mostly cats)” You don’t SAY!

Archie found the cave that was known as the Stefan Cave at Crooked Acres. I guess it’s the Archie Cave now.

A lot of people rang the doorbell yesterday, and Kara was on high alert. (To hide, that is. Not write tickets. She doesn’t ticket STRANGERS.)

It’s a Frankie on a tree.


Maxi voted yesterday and she’s sure the initiative to outlaw all non-Maxi cats passed by a wide margin.

SPEAKING of voting, don’t forget to go take part in the poll I posted yesterday (direct link here) and see if you can guess which two cats are handling this whole moving thing far better than we ever expected.


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12-13-17 Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. Oh the Phoenix update makes my heart melt!!! So happy for her, and for Ambercup!! And speaking of Phoenix, I have a good friend from College living there, she has cats herself… sent her the info from above and will email Robyn if she has any suggestions!

  2. Funny you mention about Kara and the door bell. I have not lived in a house with a door bell for over 25 years. Both of my kitties, positively freak out when they hear a door bell on TV, or while i’m watching a YouTube video. They both sit up stiff, and stare at the front door like the boogie man is approaching. I don’t get it, I didn’t think evolution could move so fast.

    Looks like your kitties are settling in just fine. Hope you’re getting a better night’s sleep.

    P.S. I’m envious of your Viking gas cooktop.

    • My cats are that way with a can opener. I don’t think either of them has ever had canned cat food from anything but a pop-top can, but they both come running when I open a can of beans!

  3. Because of course your home movies are all cat-themed.

    Kara being on sabbatical from the force must be making her soft. I would have thought for sure that you would, at the very least, get written a ticket for allowing so many strangers ring the doorbell.

  4. Maxi looks so dainty and cute. Question, what kind of brush do you use on long haired cats? I have a floofy community cat I’m tending, and he needs brushing.

  5. So happy for Phoenix. Hopefully she and Amber will be sending out the adoption mojo for Hubble. I difficult time of the year for adoptions, I would think, with the holidays.

  6. Oh that picture with Phoenix just melted me. She’s getting big! Praying Hubble gets a home before Christmas!