12-12-17 Tuesday

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Here we go – pictures of the back yard!

If you’re standing in front of the house facing it, this little area is located to the left of the garage. I call it the alley – I can just imagine the cats hanging out on that brick wall.

From the same spot, facing the back yard. It’s hilly and rocky and I think it’ll be interesting to the cats.

Still the same spot, facing along the back of the house. That window box to the upper right part of the picture is located behind the sink. Beyond that is the dining nook, and the back door is behind that.

From the back door, facing the back yard. There are a LOT of leaves out there (that’ll be raked up later this week.) That house you see up on the hill? We actually went through that house the same day we first went through Shady Cove. That house up on the hill was way, WAY too much house for us, though. I think it’s been sold, or they took it off the market, I don’t remember seeing a sign in front of it last time we drove by. (We’ve been driving around the neighborhood a lot to get the lay of the land and to admire the Christmas lights.)

Rock wall. I imagine the cats will like that, too.

From the back of the property, looking along the fence line. Those cat houses you see are the ones we brought with us.

From the back of the property, looking toward the house.

The culvert behind our fence. (Hmmm. Culvert’s not the right word, culverts are tunnels. What’s the word I’m looking for?)


Ivy. (I like ivy; I know not everyone does.)

We brought the catnip from Crooked Acres, of course.

I think this little area behind the garage (that door leads into the garage) would have been good for a covered area, if it weren’t for that window up there.


Here’s a poll to entertain you! Who do you think is handling this move far better than I expected they would? I have two names in mind.

(Cats, that is. The humans are doing about as I expected.)

Take the poll, and assuming I remember, I’ll give you the answer on, say, Thursday.

Who adapted to the move far more easily than we expected?

Joe Bob
Khal Drogo
I don’t know, I just want to click on something

build quizzes

If that poll doesn’t show up for you, you can click here to take it instead.


Bros. Jake looks black in this picture, doesn’t he?

Newtle whiskers in the sun.



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12-12-17 Tuesday — 28 Comments

  1. I got my Christmas card – – LOVE it! It has now taken it’s place among my refrigerator holiday decor – along with Crooked Acres cards from years past! (I apologize, I’m still considering this as the final Crooked Acres Christmas Card and already looking forward to the first Shady Cove Christmas card!) I always love when I get to that piece of my decorations to put up and I always love your Christmas cards!!!! Will you be scanning the cards you’ve received this year? I love going through them and seeing the different cards and I love when I spot mine among them. Heck, I just love Christmas cards! I would completely understand – with the move and everything else going on – if this year was the year you don’t ! I have new house envy and I’ve not yet seen anything in the house or the backyard that I haven’t LOVED! Thank you for sharing!!!!! Happy ‘at least its not Monday’ Tuesday, y’all!

    • I consider it the last Crooked Acres card, too. 🙂

      I will definitely be scanning in the cards I get, I’m hoping to get that started this weekend. I know everyone loves to see them as much as I do!

  2. Very nice!

    Now can you put all 11 kitties back in their carriers, drive to the nearest polling place, and cast 13 votes for Doug Jones? 🙂

    • Actually I was wondering if you moved in time to change your polling place, or if you have to drive back to the Crooked Acres area to vote today. But since you were on the ball enough to write all your great moving posts ahead of time, y’all probably early voted, too!

    • You may want to wait a few minutes and refresh – sometimes Flickr (or my host, I’m not sure which) hiccups.

      Actually, if you do that and they still don’t show up for you, let me know. I wonder if the code for the poll is doing something wonky. I can take it out and just send people to the link to vote.

  3. I love the pictures of Newt. He looks so fuzzy. Usually we don’t see the fuzz. I want to run my fingers through his tummy fur.

    • He’s such a lovable, squishy piece of orange goodness, I’d just love to hug and kiss him! He reminds me so much of my Malcolm.

  4. I can see them now!!! The kitties are gonna love that yard!
    I think I would just call it a “Water diversion and management system”. 🙂

  5. Wow, that is a really nice backyard! Makes me laugh when I read every second sentence with a “I can just imagine the cats hanging out” and a “I think it’ll be interesting to the cats”! As long as they’re happy, then all is good in the world.

    Is there enough space for one of the guys to be able to lie behind the sink in front of the window box in the kitchen?

  6. I think the cats will love that yard with all it’s nooks and crannies. I can imagine some kind of water features. But you definitely need a higher fence –
    even to put the cat fence on. And if you have climbers, you might have to do some creative pruning of some of the trees.

    • There are extenders that attach to the fence to make it taller. I suspect we’re going to need to replace the fence eventually, but are trying it this way first.

    • I was worried too about those trees so close to the fence. But I figured they had it all figured out. 🙂 No advice needed from this here smart cookie. LOL

    • We saw deer coming along it the other day. I know a lot of people consider deer pests, but I can’t imagine not getting excited when I see them.

      • They can be pests, although where I am, the auto insurance companies hate them way more than we do! Poor things.

      • I’ve lived with deer in my backyard many years and always thought they were beautiful, graceful animals. I lived with dodging them on the roads and not planting spring flowers because they love things like tulips. UNTIL – this past fall they ate ALL my rose bushes, my new hydrangea and my sweet little pansies. They are PESTS.
        end of rant…sorry

        • Ha! I felt the same way about moose-majestic creatures…until they ate all my strawberry plants, pruned the hell out of our pussy willow tree, and kept me from getting to work on time because one was resting behind my pickup truck!

  7. I love the back yard and the deck and esp the window box. I also loved clicking through the results of the poll. So many graphs and charts! I’ll be interested to see the results.

  8. I think the cats WILL love that backyard. Looks like lots of exploring places. I’m so jealous of all your mature trees.