12-13-19 Friday

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Do you offer prints of some of your photos, as in CafePress? That bee butt is fantastic.

CafePress doesn’t actually offer prints (at least, not last time I checked) and I’m finding their site more and more difficult to deal with. I’ve been considering using Society6, and your question was enough to get me going on that. Right now there’s nothing there but the Bee Butt print (Society6 wouldn’t let me title it “Guess what? Bee butt!”), but eventually there’ll be more. You can see my Society6 store here, and eventually I’ll put it in the sidebar.

(Also, if y’all ever see a picture you think you might like for your own, just say the word. It was easy enough to upload it to Society6 – though I reserve the right to refuse to upload a picture if I think it’s not clear enough or wouldn’t look good printed out.)

(PS: I just went and actually looked at CafePress to see if they’ve started making prints an option, and it appears that they have canvas prints and posters, but nothing in between.)


I’m guessing that tree you cut down was the one that turned into Jake’s throne? So cool to see the backyard and house from the cats-eye (ha!) view.

Francois grin + scripty watermark would make a great sticker for closing envelopes. And so would Stompers “not judging you” pic, come to think of it. Oooh, and I’d love to close Xmas card envelopes with that one of Jake with the Santa hat… Does CafePress batch up object types, like you can’t add stickers to the offered kitchenware without also adding cards, notebooks, and other stationery-type items? Crud, now I want a Stompers notebook. (I work in a cat-friendly office, can you tell? Someone is off right now and wrote on her in/out whiteboard, “Getting meowied – out ’til January 6!”)

That was indeed the tree we cut down. The stump is looking a little more weathered these days, and I’m trying to turn that area of soil in front of the stump into a catnip garden, but the catnip isn’t loving that area much so it’s slow going.

CafePress actually doesn’t offer a sticker option (well, they have the large stickers you can put on your car or on notebooks or your laptop, but not the small ones that you’d put on an envelope. Well… you COULD put them on an envelope, I suppose, but they’re $5+ each.) As far as I know, they also don’t batch up object types but that would be a neat idea, if you could buy a Stompers Office Kit and get a notebook, cards, and… stickers? A mug? Something like that!


Those are some amazing pictures! Am I the only one who saw wheels in Earl’s picture- to me it looks like he’s riding a really strange vehicle.

Well, I see it NOW! (The wheels under Earl go ’round and ’round, ’round and ’round, ’round and ’round…)


I’m a little surprised those suction cups are still holding the feeder to the glass. We have several Earl the Skwerl types here and it’s like a circus out there with how they leap and climb around trying to get to our bird feeders!

I have no complaints about that window bird feeder – it holds up really well, and the suction cups haven’t moved! (I got it from Amazon, it’s this one.)


I guess I thought Sheriff Mama would be bigger and more imposing, but she’s just a wee little kitty, isn’t she. What a cutie pie, I love her grumpy little face, and her furs look incredibly soft and snorglable. I imagine if I tried to stick my nose in her soft furs she’d take it off for me, LOL!


I was shocked, shocked I tell ya! to see the Sheriff in such a compromising position! Does she do that often? It’s freaking ADORABLE! All this time I just assumed she wasn’t a lap kitty for some reason. Now I want to give her even MORE kisses!

Sheriff Mama (Kara) is a tiny girl – she’s only just over 7 pounds, and it’s 7 pounds of pure muscle. She spends her days pacing back and forth in the back yard keeping an eye on everything. She does curl up in Fred’s lap in the evenings because we close the cat doors from the screened porch to the back yard at dusk. I suspect that, given a choice, she’d be out there all night long running the perimeter, too. She’s a sweet, friendly girl to Fred and I, but if a stranger enters the house she’s GONE. If she can’t get into the back yard (or happens to be upstairs when strangers enter the house), she climbs up under the comforter on my bed and hides there until they’re gone.


How big is Archie? He looks pretty small.

Archie weighs 12 pounds, but it’s 12 pounds of muscle and hate. Not much fat on that boy!


I think your compatibility chart needs to be updated. It indicates that Jake LOVES fosters. I had to check it out since I had no idea Khal would be snuggling with Jake. That’s a great pic; is it rare to see Khal cozying up to anyone? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

Yes I definitely need to update that chart!

Khal doesn’t go looking for snuggles, but if someone (usually Jake) comes up and snuggles up to him and presents his head for licking, Khal will comply.


Is that birdfeeder alongside the star shaped solar lights in the shape of a cat?!!

It is! I got that in Maine a few years ago. It’s made by TooArts. I went looking to see if I could find it online, and you can get it at AliExpress (I’ve never bought anything from there), on Wish, and on eBay.


My grandma always said that a cardinal signifies ‘changing weather’…

Secondly, yesterday was The. BEST. Day. EVER! Not only did I receive my Shady Cove Christmas card (LOVE!!!!!) – it will take its place among the previous L&H cards through the years that are now a part of my Christmas decorations!… but I also received my two L&H calendars!!!!! (one of permies, one of all fosters) I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!!!!!! Hope you’ve received my card as well – will you be posting the cards received? (No pressure whatsoever, just keep lovin on those permies, that’s all!) Have a great “Friday Eve”!!!!

I’ve always heard that cardinals signify a loved one who has passed, that they’re visiting you. (If they actually signify changing weather, I hope the weather is changing for the warmer!)

I am definitely going to scan all the cards I’ve received, probably this weekend! (I have an app on my phone that claims to do excellent scans. I’m going to try it out, that’d be a lot easier than dragging out the big scanner I have.)


Chickadee checkin’ out the sunflower seeds.

Nuthatch says “Don’t mind if I do!”

Tufted Titmouse keeping an eye on me.

And choosing juuust the right seed.

Dewey was so dopey from the sun that he didn’t bother to run when he saw me taking his picture.

Archie says “Show ’em my foot, lady.”

The shaved area on Khal’s leg (from his surgery last month) is slowly growing back.

That hammock is one of Frankie’s favorite places to sleep. He spends many a night there – and a lot of his days, too.


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  1. Those are some creepy big-assed black eyes that Tufted Titmouse has…

    Look at the stunned look on Baby Dewey’s face!! I love when you post multiple photos of the Permanent Residents… 🙂

  2. I received my Xmas card the other day and LOVE IT. Such a great image! Thanks so much, it really brought a smile to my otherwise RBF. 😀

    The fact that Sheriff Mama is a-skeered of anything astonishes me! But every hero in every story has at least one weakness so I guess that makes sense, lol.

    Thank you for showing us Archie’s foot. It really is fantastic …but then again, I’m a huge sucker for white tippy toes and I think Archie knows how much I love his!

  3. Am I the only “old” one who recognized the very clever reference on your Christmas card to the Frankie Loves Hollywood song of the 80’s, “Relax, don’t do it……?

  4. Would LOVE to take you up on your offer for copies of favorite photos. My 3 favorites are the black kitten with the floof suit (profile), Kara of her doing a yoga stretch before her daily walk watch, and the three yowling kittens in the kennel with their food in plain sight. If you have the time would appreciate it. Thanks, Brenda

  5. Thanks for answering 🙂

    Wow, I can’t believe Archie’s that big lol, he’s about twice the weight of my girl cats (5 and 7 lbs)