7-12-18 Thursday

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Look who it is! Amber (right) and Phoenix.

No, we weren’t up to anything…never!

That scheming look on Amber’s face is cracking me UP.

(Thanks, Debra!)


Kennebunk, aka KennyBorkBork now has a new nickname: Moop. Fred said “He looks like a Moop” and we’ve been calling him Moop ever since. I mean, isn’t that the Moopiest face you’ve ever seen?

Buxton’s yelling at me for waking him up.

Eliot’s yelling just because.

Dexter the ornj muffin.

“HI LADY! HI!” yells Arundel.

Can I interest you in a cup of freshly brewed Arundel? A little shy but surprisingly spicy.

Arundel and Millie, hanging in the pie plate.

“LADY, TAKE A PICTURE OF ME IN FOCUSSSSS!” (Buxton, over there on the blue cat tree is cracking me up with his “What’s she yellin’ about?” face.)

“How YOU doin’?” inquires Dexter.

Arundel-topped donuts are fresh this morning.

Otis, keeping an eye on me. (I bought that milk carton shaped house at Petco a few weeks ago. I tossed it once I realized they’ve got the shmingshmerm, since there’s no good way to clean it. Too bad, ’cause look how cute!)

Calais has a giggle, while Bethel is like “Seriously?”

Eliot in the bean bag bed (which I have removed from the room due to it being hard to clean. I didn’t toss it, though, I took off the cover and washed it with bleach, then soaked the inner part with Rescue disinfectant).

The state of the kittens: they’re a mess. I feel like the ringworm treatment is going well – I haven’t seen any new spots pop up in a few days, and I’ve gotten into the rhythm of snatching them up, applying the spray to their spots and then putting them back down before they object too much. Their upper respiratory stuff seemed to be getting better, but yesterday they were all very very quiet and the snuffles/sneezies/snotties were obviously worse. Millie and Dexter, especially (who I had hoped would end up skipping the worst of it) are sounding awful. They just want to be held or to curl up in their heated caves (carriers with heated beds in them) and sleep. I’m not super worried, I know we’ll get past this, but I sure do wish these guys would knock it off and just be healthy. I’m ready for that, and I’m sure they are too!

(On the up side, their litterbox leavings are picture perfect!)


Last month, we had the tree right outside the kitchen window cut down because it was half dead, and the last thing we needed to deal with was a tree falling on the house – or across the back yard.

Jake finds this new setup perfectly acceptable.


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7-12-18 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. So many choices for breakfast…but an ornj muffin with a cup o’ Arundel sounds just perfect.

    Oh man, Moop is the best name for Kenny…(Everytime I read Kenny, I automatically start singing the “Kelly” song Woody from Cheers sings to his girlfriend Kelly. Only instead of “Kelly”, of course I sing “Kenny”.)


  2. ***
    I am the monarch of all I survey,
    Whether it’s night or whether it’s noon,

    In Shady Cove and beyond to the sea,

    I am lord of the nap and lord of the loon.

  3. And holy cow – what if the dreaded shmingshmerm had hit the Olympians?? How on earth would you have treated Katia?!? Not to mention what she’d have done to you after hearing her babies objecting to the worst. thing. to. ever. happen. ever. ever. ever. How is she doing in boot camp, btw?

  4. Wish those poor sick monkeys could get out into the fresh air and sunshine. They are so lucky to have you taking care of them. As my French mother would have said “Ayez courage!”

  5. No one should underestimate the importance of perfect poo in litter boxes!

    Poor babies…hope they feel better soon.

    Tree stumps are good for pots of catnip–even if the stump isn’t level 🙂