12-13-18 Thursday

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Cam can get some serious height when she’s bouncing up after the feather teaser.

Axle’s face is cracking me up (and Tank’s back there thinking “They are CRAYZEE!”)

“We is watchin’ you, lady.”

Such serious little faces.

Fender’s turn to take the leap.

Tank went for the feather teaser and missed it, but at least he landed in a soft spot.

“GIMME that phone, I need to take a selfie!” (Solenoid)

Pulley, in the middle of laying down, takes a moment to give me A Look.

Tank in the sun. We had a sunny day Tuesday. Then the sun went away, probably to never return. Woe.

Tank checks out the end of the bed.


Solenoid met Uncle Archie. At first it was fine, just some sniffing.

And then Solenoid took offense.

Fender and Archie checked each other out.

Pulley sniffed Archie’s tail.

Then Archie said “There are a LOT of kittens here. Please open the door so that I might vamoose.” (Of course I did. And he did.)


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12-13-18 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. A question for your Friday post, if possible; I’d like to tap your feline aficionado brain trust.

    My mother has Alzheimer’s and the love of her life (and what gets her up most days) are her beloved ginger girls. The cats are three years old. Obviously Mom isn’t on litter pan duty. And I’m going to be having surgery that will make bending over or lifting off limits for a while. So I am looking for one of those self-cleaning litter pans. My dad and I can share lifting out whatever the output from the pan is. So any suggestions or warnings?



    • Carol, We use the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box. It has trays that you insert into the box and then when it needs changed, you just toss the entire tray and replace it with a new one. With 3 cats (one a BIG boy), we usually changed the tray about every 10 days. We used to use the LitterMaid self cleaning litter box. The box dumps the waste into a container that you then replace with a new container when the container is full. Both of these use “special” litter. Good luck with your surgery.

  2. Archie cracks me up. He looks totally befuddled by them all, particularly in that last shot!