12-12-18 Wednesday

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Cam is cracking me UP. “Feather teaser! You get DOWN HERE, right NOW!”

LoJack just looks amused.

Clutch isn’t sure WHAT to think.


“I just want the feather teaser, Dynamo. Why won’t it come to me?!”
“It’s okay Cam, you’ll get it one of these days…”

LoJack was off marching to the beat of his own drum, messing up my attempt to get a picture of all 9 kittens.

“Whatcha got there, huh, lady? That a feather teaser? I could use a feather teaser. Feather teasers are cool!” (Fender)

The kitten tree is ripe and ready for picking! That’s Pulley and Dynamo on the top, Cam and Clutch on the next level down, with Fender in the process of coming down to their level, and Solenoid near the bottom.

“Wut.” (Solenoid)

“I will get you one day, feather teaser, I WILL.” (Cam)

Oh sure, NOW you join the group, LoJack, with your cute little charming head tilt.

“Ho ho HO, feather teaser!” (Cam)

It’s Axle Claus!

Tank, off having a snooze.


Doesn’t Alice have the prettiest eyes? Such a pretty girl!

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12-12-18 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, I would just like to curl up and snuggle with Tank on this cold, cold morning…

    Alice is so beautiful, how the boys can resist her green gems is…oh wait, she doesn’t mingle with boys below her station.

  2. I got your Christmas card–thank you! It’s very cute! I love that picture of Cam in the Santa box. that would itself make a wonderful Xmas card one day!

  3. Got my calendars, fosters for home, permanents for work. Everyone loves them, several people come at the beginning of each month to see who’s up.
    And the Christmas card was received too.
    Love them all!