12-14-18 Friday

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My mother has Alzheimer’s and the love of her life (and what gets her up most days) are her beloved ginger girls. The cats are three years old. Obviously Mom isn’t on litter pan duty. And I’m going to be having surgery that will make bending over or lifting off limits for a while. So I am looking for one of those self-cleaning litter pans. My dad and I can share lifting out whatever the output from the pan is. So any suggestions or warnings?

Kay said: Carol, We use the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box. It has trays that you insert into the box and then when it needs changed, you just toss the entire tray and replace it with a new one. With 3 cats (one a BIG boy), we usually changed the tray about every 10 days. We used to use the LitterMaid self cleaning litter box. The box dumps the waste into a container that you then replace with a new container when the container is full. Both of these use “special” litter. Good luck with your surgery.

I had a Litter Robot for a few years back in 2007-2008ish. It worked well for the cats who would use it, but some of them wouldn’t use it, which made having it kind of pointless. Also, I would occasionally walk into the laundry room to find that it had stalled in mid-cycle, which made it even more pointless. Other than that it worked fairly well until it didn’t – it just completely stopped one day, and I decided I’d had enough.

I’ll be interested to hear what y’all have for suggestions, so please chime in!


You KNOW that we NEED to know more about that Santa box. Details, please.

Kitty Cardboard! I don’t remember how I found it (possibly it popped up in my Facebook ads), but not only is it adorable, it’s sturdy and holds up well to the kittens. ALSO, right now for every box sold, they donate one to a kitty in need. Go check it out! (This is not an ad, I paid full price for our box, and I think it’s pretty awesome.)


Pulley, Dynamo and Clutch, keeping an eye on me (and that feather teaser I was waving around.)

Fender watched the recycling truck go by, and was so excited he had to tell me all about it.

Axle makes the funniest faces.

“Lady. Is it nap time yet?”

“LADY. Are you NUTS?!” The kittens got up on the shelf in the bathroom where all my bottles of lotion are stored, and Cam was appalled that they weren’t arranged by scent.

Clutch in the tub, smacking a bottle top around. As you do.

Bath time for Pulley.

Axle has a think.

As does Pulley.

Tank and Dynamo, tusslin’ in the tub.

There’s a whole lot of attitude going on in this picture.

Sparkly Dynamo.

And sparkly Fender.


I don’t know what Dewey and Archie are discussing here, but it looks like it might turn into a smackdown at any moment… (It didn’t. Archie finally walked away.)


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  1. I am physically disabled. I foster a marvelous tortie named Zsa Zsa. My second bathroom is set up with her food and water bowls on the sink vanity. Two large totes, weighed down with garden supplies, are in the bottom of the tub. They are covered with a heavy pad and several rugs. Make sure to securely drape them over the outer side of tub for easy climbing and hopping up. Two litter boxes rest on top of everything. I just roll in with my walker and easily do housekeeping chores for Zsa Zsa.

  2. I had Littermate and hated it. I also had Litter Reboot and liked it until it broke (sprung a leak and all the litter came out). It was still under warranty, but they didn’t have replacement part. They offered a discount on a new one, but it was still too expansive to buy just a little over a year later. Now I have a cat with high standards so I use Fresh Step Ultimate. I, too, would suggest just putting the boxes higher so you can scoop easier. The automatic boxes recepticals fill up fast. I’d have to dump everyday with 3 cats.

    • Wow, that is lot of litter to go through. I will look at what I can do using Erin’s and your suggestions.

  3. I have a friend that swears by the Omega Paw Cat Litter Box. I have used them when cat sitting and they are nice. You just use you regular clumping litter and when you are read to clean you lift up one side and the litter rolls around the rounded side. It sifts and then places the waste in a little bin that is easily taken out. It is easy to roll on its side. I like it because you don’t have to buy special litter or even disposal boxes. I added a link


  4. learning dissabled person here who is freinds with sevral people with physical dissabilits.
    this isnt exactly what was asked. but im shaing in case someone else might be in a bind.

    this is the “im super broke but need to find an easyer way” alternitive to a self cleaner that my freind uses.

    she got a 15 doller childs play wagon from goodwill. cut off the back rail. and put litterbox in it. secure wheels with things you can move with your foot.

    it is higher so you can scoop. and if needed you can wheel it out rather than carry it. it is not idial. but it works for my buddy sence she can not aford a self cleaner.

    i just thought i would share. in case someone else is tight on money.

    • That’s is an innovative (and inexpensive) idea. I think combining that with Erin’s suggestion, I should have enough ideas to rig something up. Thank you!

  5. i had a self cleaning litter box. One cat used it and walked away and it went off after the usual time delay, unfortunately it was when the second cat was walking up to it and it freaked her out and she refused to use the box from there out.

    Since the cats are young, putting the litter boxes up on a counter or shelf would help the bending. Hiring someone to come and scoop once a day or even every other day (and do the refilling of the box and carrying the used litter away) could give you some peace of mind for a small price – especially if you have young kids in the neighborhood you trust

    • Thanks! That’s a good idea. They can jump; they love nothing more than jumping. I swear Ally is part Tigger (springs!), part Golden Retriever (can I help? I wanna help? I can jump to the top! Let me help. I’m good at……..ooooh, look, squirrel) and part dachshund (the MOST stubborn dog ever).